1. I thought the editorial headline solved the meaning completely: the “IN” box is “plugged IN”, the “out” box is not. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    P.S. A quick comparison with a few other “Lug Nuts” panels shows that Duffy is perfectly able to do (good) cross hatching, and he frequently uses color and/or gray shading, so I found it very interesting that this panel seems to feature hand-applied “halftone” shading, just like we saw in that vintage (1965) “Beetle Bailey” strip, giving the panel a slightly “retro” appearance.

  2. If he is trying to electrocute people, that is a poorly designed system for doing so. The ground needs to be connected somewhere that the person putting something in the “IN” box would complete the circuit. Perhaps the floor is grounded and the ground from the outlet isn’t connected to the box. That might work but anyone wearing any decent shoes wouldn’t get electrocuted.

    I think Kilby’s opening statement fits better.

  3. “the “IN” box is “plugged IN”, the “out” box is not”

    If this is the case, shouldn’t the other box be labelled ‘Un’ instead of ‘Out’? Maybe not. I would have found that amusing though.

  4. A plugger always keeps his “In” box neat and tidy.
    Thanks to Mitch Marks, Chicago, Illinois.

  5. @ Mitch4 – Let’s be honest: larK’s comment was funnier than Duffy’s drawing.

    P.S. And Stan’s comment was right on the money, too.

  6. At work there is a mail bin marked OUTGOING. I’m so tempted to label the other one “SHY”….

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