1. Thor (on the left) is the “inventor”, and has often been shown doing amazing stunts on his wheel. The joke would have worked a little better if Mason had bothered to draw the axle upon which he usually stands. B.C.’s anger (and jealousy) is a little uncharacteristic; normally Wiley is the model for intolerance in the strip.

  2. P.S. @ Andréa – Just because a legacy strip has been inherited by the creator’s descendents is no guarantee that the new authors will have the same views about the personalities, interests of, and actions taken by the characters in the strip. Some may see this as an opportunity for a breath of fresh air (I can’t remember a misogynistic “Cute Chick” gag since Mason took over*), others may take this as treasonous betrayal against the principles of the strip.
    P.P.S. (*) – This is not to say that it hasn’t happened, but even if so, the prevalence has been considerably reduced.

  3. The artwork suffers from a lack of scale in the first two panels. Compared to the final panel, It looks like someone hucked a CD down the hill.

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