1. @ B.A. – Obviously, he’s only interested in her superficial appearance, and never bothered to explore her inner worth.

  2. While using tape, I hold it with my non-dominant hand so I can tear it with the other. Of course if I was picking it up to reflect on it, I’d use the dominant hand.

  3. @Powers, I knew that La Gioconda was painted on a wooden panel even before I visited the Louvre. I don’t know if it was “common” knowledge.

  4. After some members left the famous rock band, those remaining mused “I guess we’re not in toto anymore, Kansas.”

  5. Seven easter eggs? I can only find three: the bunny, the o2 on top of the cab, and the dynamite on the side panel of the cab.

  6. “is it common knowledge that Mona Lisa wasn’t painted on canvas? ”

    No, but I’m showing off.

    It’s a well known tidbit but not a requirement for graduating from High School. Either you know it or you don’t. If you know it, it’s because you heard it somewhere the first time. Like here, say. I’d say a lot of people know it but it’s not as, say, only female mosquitoes bite. I’d say it’s probably about equally known as bananas point up, not down, when they grow.

    It’s something you can feel smug about when you do know it.

  7. Re “things everyone knows”:

    The hovertext is, “Saying ‘what kind of an idiot doesn’t know about the Yellowstone supervolcano’ is so much more boring than telling someone about the Yellowstone supervolcano for the first time.”

  8. I know it’s just a back-of-the-envelope to establish a lower bound, but the assumption that by age 30 everybody has heard of something strikes me as wonderfully, naively, optimistic. Clearly Randall was in his twenties when he wrote this one…

  9. larK is right, and beside that, how many things did we ‘learn’ as children that we found out later weren’t true?

    I don’t know whether the internet is a blessing or a curse in that way.

  10. ” the assumption that by age 30 everybody has heard of something strikes me as wonderfully, naively, optimistic. ”

    There are *lots* of things I hadn’t heard of by age 30, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the breakup of the Soviet Union, half a dozen wars, hundreds of television shows and pop songs and movies and computer games, and my current wife.

    But then again, it *was* 1975, so maybe I had an excuse?

  11. @ Big Chief – The clipped signature and the lack of a frame shows that this image is only a portion of the original comic; presumably the other four Easter eggs were located outside of this section. Unfortunately, Piraro’s website has been redesigned, so that it no longer offers a complete archive search. Just another example of King Features tightening its grip over its fiefdoms.

  12. There is a pie on the ground when that atlas runs out of the state prison; The flying saucer is on one of the Saul’s T-shirts; The bird is hanging from the top frame of the strip above the caption “Sunday Punnies #25” and I assume the big bunny on the truck is the fourth.

    “Just Say ‘Gimme the Bunny'” is no stupider than any other ad slogan….

  13. From Wayno’s Blog today . . .

    We like to run the week’s best gag on Friday, and although we’re not above punning, but that form of wordplay rarely makes it to the Friday slot. However, when I showed this one to my editor (Bizarro CEO Dan Piraro), he told me it actually made him guffaw. I figured a guffaw made this one worthy of a Friday appearance.

    I used a mirror image of the art to adapt it for the strip layout, which actually placed the tape in Lefty’s left hand.

  14. Somebody posted the “canvas” panel on FB, with no indication it was part of a longer strip.

    “We like to run the week’s best gag on Friday” sounds awfully calculating to me.

  15. Oh, Bizarro was crowd-sourcing in 2012?

    Does that mean Vance was the kid who submitted the puns?

  16. I think I heard it first in “The Grab Bag” trivia column. Since then it’s be a puzzle or quiz puzzle. It’s actually amazing how often in movies this error will appear once you are aware of it.

    Are any of you Car Talk fans? (Why do I assume there will be a *lot* of overlap). Do remember the Melissa Peterman “My dog hates your show” running joke? When they invited Melissa Peterman to co-host she got to submit the puzzler and her puzzle was about a private detective sent to find a mailing tube that a thief had hidden the Mona Lisa in (how did the detective know the case was a sham?)

  17. I was trying to remember if that Doctor Who episode had the Mona Lisa’s on canvas or not. I know her lack of eyebrows were noted.

    The godawful movie “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore as Cinderella (which seemed to imply *twice* that Cinderella was … Catherine de Medici????) had a scene where Leonardo unrolls and rolls up the Mona Lisa.

  18. @ woozy – The bunny was already in Big Chief’s count. With the improved resolution, I can’t see an O2 or a K2 anywhere on the taxi’s sign, so I come up one short. From left to right: pie, spaceship, bird, eyeball, dynamite, bunny. Anyone see another one?

  19. It’s blurry, but the think that sticks up over the roof of the cab seems to say “IK2” in white on black.

  20. Woozy, the reason I looked it up was that I remembered him writing on the canvas with a felt-tip marker.

  21. There is a pie on the ground when that atlas runs out of the state prison; The flying saucer is on one of the Saul’s T-shirts; The bird is hanging from the top frame of the strip above the caption “Sunday Punnies #25” and I assume the big bunny on the truck is the fourth.

    There are seven total. There’s a dynamite stick under the cab’s door sign and its roof sign says K2 (almost impossible to see in the complete comic). There’s also an eyeball in the corner by the signature. So four in the third panel, one in each of the first two, and the bird in its own space.

  22. P.S. Reading up on the Mona Lisa, it seems that there is considerable evidence that Leonardo worked on at least two different versions of the painting. One could always assume that the “other” one was on canvas.

  23. Thanks to Brian’s insistence on the existence of the K2, I looked again, and finally found it: it’s in white, the black marks form the edges of the characters, not the characters themselves.

  24. @ Powers – I think I agree. I recently bought the DVD, because I’ve seen it in German at least twice, which was OK, but I’d like to compare it to the original.

  25. Re: Dr. Who — I distinctly remember in that episode that it was not canvases, but pieces of board. The Wikipedia article says canvases, but I think that is the ignorance and lack of attention to detail of the Wikipedia writer.

    Of course, my memory may be wrong, but that is the visceral image I have for the factoid that the Mona Lisa was not painted on canvas, so my mind remembers that as the point where I was made aware of the fact. (In fact I originally thought it was an error on the part of the production team of Dr. Who — they’re so cheap and low budget they can’t even stretch a couple of canvases!)

    Which is not to say that I didn’t possibly construct all that after the fact, especially since that is my all time favorite Dr. Who.

    I guess I have to go troll YouTube now….

  26. That you woozy! Score one for my memory! I wasn’t having any luck on YouTube finding that episode…

  27. So, … any mystery stories where Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” was rolled up into a mailing tube?

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