1. Didn’t you post the alien one before as a CIDU?

    Also I didn’t really get the autocorrect one. Who was he sending a message to and what did it say? Was the message “I need a southpaw pitcher” getting interpreted as “I need a sauerkraut pitcher” and a hot dog vendor tosses sauerkraut to the buyers?

  2. @ Mitch4 – Just today I used the “bundt” insert for one of our cake pans for the very first time (it’s been sitting in the basement for probably a decade). I originally bought it with the idea of making an angel food cake, but chocolate served as an acceptable test case.
    P.S. Note to self: Bundt pans bake much faster; remember to test at least ten minutes earlier next time.

  3. “That has to be the worst version of autocorrect ever.”

    I got tired enough of autocorrect “fixing” “mistakes” that I finally disabled it completely.

  4. That has to be the worst version of autocorrect ever.

    Depends on how bad the original spelling/texting was. However, I will admit that spent some time trying to get a misspelling that resulted in spellcheck suggesting sauerkraut but was not successful.

  5. Also, sometimes we attribute an action to autocorrect when more specifically it was the autocomplete component. Thus, if the texter was starting with S-O-U the completion/suggestion function could jump to SOUR-something then SAUERKRAUT (by sound as well).

  6. @ MSJR – Actually, the “bundt” was a substitute pinch hitter following a fatality at the plate. I don’t want to bore anyone with the details, but it was simple case of “burn out”.

  7. Same here, James: disabling autocorrect is one of the first things I do when I get a new device.

    As everybody here knows, I’m perfectly capable of making my own typographical errors, thank you very much…

  8. I usually set up spellcheck but not autocorrect.

    Spellcheck on Firefox is okay with “spellcheck” but not “autocorrect”.

  9. You can make manual changes to autocorrect on most cell phones, so you can take your mother’s phone and have it autocorrect “No” to “Sure, go for it!”

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