1. I’m not 100% sure I get the first one. Is it just that these people are too dumb to find the information booth, so they need another one to tell them where it is…and look, it’s so comically close!

    Or is it more complex? The regular info booth seems to have brochures and information pamphlets, presumably giving people details about where to go/what to do. Info for Dummies simply points.

    I’m guessing the second, but I need more information.

  2. It could be either one, Stan. I think the first is what’s intended but I also considered the second option.

  3. I agree with Stan and Powers, both ideas could be in there. Also a sort of hybrid — what the “for dummies” guy is pointing to is just the standard Information kiosk. Like the “for dummies” book series, it gives basic data about its subject matter … which is “Information [booths]”.

  4. The first one hit the spot with me, since my university library reference department was re-organized during the last two or three years before my retirement to this exact system. Instead of our long tradition of staffing the reference desk with professional experienced reference librarians, it became staffed primarily with student temps, who were in theory supposed to handle routine (directional etc.) queries and refer anything substantial to a professional who would be ‘on call’ in the back room.

    Of course, human nature being what it was, the student temps tended to either be unwilling to ‘disturb’ us or to be unable to decide what was or was not routine or to be over-confident in what they thought they knew, so the specialists mostly just sat in the back unmolested for their shifts, and within a year or so all of the people who used to be coming to the reference desk for help had been re-programmed to assume that there was no longer any real help to be gotten there, and so the downward spiral continued.

  5. When I first saw “It could be either one” I thought it was a response to Grawlix. She’s got the face of Palpatine and the cloak of Vader.

  6. Information for Dummies: I thought it was the first. Dummies need to be told they can use the information booth to get information.

    Ma Vadar: You have to step back from being a Star Wars fan. The joke is simply this actual painting of a woman looks comically like Darth Vadar. Older mothers sit and fret about their children not calling on mothers day. So… a “Darth Vadar’s Mother” joke. Of course if you know *anything* about Star Wars none of this can actually make any sense. … or perhaps to put it another way, it’s broad Star Wars image and icon joke, rather than Star Wars content joke. In a way, this is like William Tell jokes. If we actually knew the story of William Tell (other than William Tell shot an apple off his son’s head) probably most of the jokes wouldn’t make sense. This is the same; if all we know about Darth Vadar is his name and he’s the bad guy in a black cloak the joke makes sense. … of course, it’s reasonable to assume most people don’t know the story of William Tell in detail whereas nearly every one knows the story of Darth Vadar enough to know it’s not his name and he wasn’t born been the cloaked baddie and, probably, everyone knows there’s history why he wouldn’t be in contact with his mother.

  7. “there’s history why he wouldn’t be in contact with his mother”

    Yeah, she named him “Annie” fer cryin’ outloud…

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