1. Granny in the Sunday strip isn’t approving of or agreeing with Mom’s attitude. She’s just saying it is, indeed, how she sounded a generation ago.

  2. I’m with carlfink here. She’s just acknowledging that this was the way it way. And 30 years from now, Holly will likely say the same thing to here daughter. Of course, part of the problem is that this is from early in the strip and it’s hard to separate this Evie (the grandmother) from the way she is later on, much more down-to-earth and sensible. Later Evie probably wouldn’t have bought that blouse for Holly, but probably could have found something more to Holly’s tastes as a compromise.

    Also, maybe because I was in high school in the late 70s, but of the three outfits Holly wants to wear, the tube top is far and away the least objectionable. The only problem I really see is that she doesn’t have anything to keep the tube up.

  3. I’m with Carlfink too. The grandmother is amused (and even slightly pleased) the mom is freaking out and having trouble and gran is enjoying that what comes around goes around and “now you know what I went through”. This is completely consistent with her shopping actions weeks earlier.

  4. Assuming that “6/10” and “7/4” are the original (1999) publication dates, the “few weeks earlier” may just represent the difference in lead times between daily and Sunday strips that were drawn at the same time. Thus, the top that Grandma bought for her in the daily strip is exactly the “same” thing that the cartoonist colored green for the Sunday strip. In any case, once those ugly items have been purchased and are in the daughter’s wardrobe, it seems silly for the mother to be complaining about them retroactively.

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