1. I’m in the process of doing what Janis is doing; no way would I consider ANYone lifting a pot full of dirt. That’s what garden carts are made for!

  2. Not that I’ve tried it with those, but round things can be tilted and rolled without having to lift their entire weight.

  3. Jimmy has webcams hidden in my home and out in the yard. That’s how he gets his ideas.

  4. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE . . . with or without the dog . . .

    (and I certainly wouldn’t roll that pot – imagine the mess, even before it breaks, and the scratches on the pot).

  5. I love that she says the dog is helping with the yardwork.

    My kitten, missing for 3 weeks, came home yesterday. I really missed him, especially with it came time to make the bed. He always helped me make the bed, in a way that only kittens can. He helped me again this morning. 🙂

  6. Congrats on the return of your kitten. I often wonder, when I rescue and adopt or adopt out a stray dog, if there is someone still wondering where his/dog is.

    My dogs aren’t allowed in the yard, for various reasons, but when I use Yellow Dolly in the house, Daisy2Legs is ALWAYS hailing it for a ride . . . some day, she’ll give a Queen’s Wave . . .

  7. LOL!!

    Considering how inexpensive it is to chip an animal, I think you shouldn’t worry.

  8. Having worked in rescue (Cairn and Airedale), for almost 20 years, you can imagine how many strays we’ve taken in and adopted out; few have had chips or updated chips.

  9. Chak – glad your cat came back (if not the very next day) – perhaps the “borrowers” who seem to have moved into our house with us have friends or relatives who visited you.

  10. Meryl A, Thanks. He’s a tough little guy, but I was beginning to think I’d never see him again.

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