The Revolution’s Happening in New York!

B.A.: [May 21, 2020] Please queue this up for the morning of July 4. Hopefully by then the Great Quarantine of 2020 will largely be over and “Music to Get Us Started During the Lockdown” will have gone the way of ChadWatch and While We’re Waiting for the Download, and this will just be something fun to listen to a Saturday morning.

I find this version infinitely more appealing than the one in Hamilton, because there’s no sense of “Look how cool we are, and I bet you’re glad you paid $1200 for your ticket.”

I also like the idea of Peggy, an adult (historically accurate) who seems to act like a child (probably not historically accurate), being played by an actual child.


Bob: So nice to see kids today covering the music of their grandparents’

(The barely pubescent lead singer is the baby of this group. The
drummer who is also the background singer in the striped sweater is
about 20 y.o. and I don’t know the approximate ages of the other two
beyond appearances.)

CIDU Bill: Not really “wake-up music,” but worthy of being included as an Honorable Mention.

Goin’ Nowhere

Usual John:

This is more lockdown-themed, but still seems pretty upbeat, and in any case is an obvious choice for a comics-related blog.  Rick Moranis has done a song called I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (it may remind you of another song, at least if you’re a geezer), and the cartoonist Carol Lay (whose comics are available as Lay Lines on GoComics) has helped with its animation.

Carol Lay is apparently not a geezer, since she thinks the original was popularized by Johnny Cash.