Goin’ Nowhere

Usual John:

This is more lockdown-themed, but still seems pretty upbeat, and in any case is an obvious choice for a comics-related blog.  Rick Moranis has done a song called I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (it may remind you of another song, at least if you’re a geezer), and the cartoonist Carol Lay (whose comics are available as Lay Lines on GoComics) has helped with its animation.

Carol Lay is apparently not a geezer, since she thinks the original was popularized by Johnny Cash.


  1. I ran across this last week and agree it’s marvelous.

    “Lay Lines” is available on Go Comics and I’ve been following it for about a year. It’s nice that she gives herself, and us, a big space for a story, even if the trade-off is that she only updates weekly. It raises the stakes somewhat, as you check in each Monday and it might be a startling gem, or risk of “That’s all? That’s what I waited for?”. Luckily, it’s more often the former.

    That became a relief, actually, as I first picked it up in the middle of a multi-part very long continuing story, something about a magic car that could take you elsewhere in a multiverse and change some underlying aspects of physical reality. I thought “I’m never going to catch up and understand what’s going on here.” I probably never did really, but it didn’t matter because that story actually concluded! And we get single doses of modern life under mildly fantastic skepticism.

    And I still have that “Oh I’m never going to catch on to what’s happening here!” feeling when it comes to “Swan Eaters” or “Widdershins”. Is that character really named “Offal”?!

  2. It wasn’t popularized by Johnny Cash? I admit I never heard it before his rendition appeared on commercials a couple decades ago.

  3. I’ve met a more than a couple “geezers” who think of this as a Johnny Cash song even though Cash’s cover was not released until 1996… such is the enduring popularity of Johnny Cash I suppose. I do still find that a bit odd as when I first became familiar with this song AFTER 1996 (we did not listen to country music in the household I grew up in), it was the Hank Snow version that topped the US Country charts in 1962 that I first heard. Stompin’ Tom Connors brings a lot of panache to his cover, adding a trove of locales from his (and Snow’s) native Canada to the existing list of American places.

    Anyways, applause for Moranis and Lay. That was a fun song for sure.

  4. There are some books of Carol Lay’s story strips out there. Worth looking up. Also the atypical “The Big Skinny”, a wry but earnest and practical tale of weight loss.

  5. The original version of this song (Geoff Mack) was composed of Australian locations. Mack reportedly consulted an atlas to compose his American version.

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