Bob: So nice to see kids today covering the music of their grandparents’

(The barely pubescent lead singer is the baby of this group. The
drummer who is also the background singer in the striped sweater is
about 20 y.o. and I don’t know the approximate ages of the other two
beyond appearances.)

CIDU Bill: Not really “wake-up music,” but worthy of being included as an Honorable Mention.


  1. The frequently repeated refrain “…I’m getting older too” seemed rather anachronistic. 😉

  2. But they are — everyone is. =)

    Her voice is well-suited to Stevie Nicks tunes, that’s for sure.

    To Bob’s comment: I think you’ll find that the best musicians of any generation are almost always well versed in classic, timeless music. They recognize quality no matter what era it comes from.

  3. Great version of this song. I’m 64 years and this takes me right back to my 20-year-old self.

  4. Fwiw, I’d guess that these girls have listened to more music from the Dixie Chicks than from Fleetwood Mac. At any rate, their rendition of Landslide owes a lot to the Dixie Chicks 2002 recording (e.g. the mandolin riff in the intro). So maybe they have just been listening to their parents’ music. Or watching Glee on Netflix (the Glee version was likewise modeled after the Chicks’ arrangement). Of course the vocal harmonies in all these covers owe a lot to the original Mac recording.

  5. Even Stevie’s more recent versions of Landslide sound more like The Chicks* than her original. I happen to prefer that, so it’s a bit disappointing to me.

    * The group has recently changed its name

  6. Pretty sure they’re on to Fleetwood Mac.

    That “Your Music Tube” project was started a few years ago by the drummer, Sina, and her studio musician father as a way to balk at all the pre-programmed loops and stuff in current music by working with young actual musicians playing real instruments via the internet. Basically using the same technique that’s been adopted by a lot of the sheltered-at-home acts, but they’ve been using it to collaborate with musicians all over the world for a few years. I’ve been a big fan of Sina since I nostalgically clicked on her drum cover of Boston’s “Foreplay / Long Time” and my jaw hit the floor less than a minute in watching her go. She’s one of the most awesome drummers I’ve ever watched play. And solidly into rock from the 1970s. The band she’s in even sounds like a hard rock band from the 70s.

    I first heard of the project a few months ago when an old video of that Jayden girl covering “The Sound of Silence” inexplicably turned up in my You Tube recommendations and I was freaked out by this little girl singing music well above her age level, from Simon & Garfunkel to Led Zeppelin. And singing it quite well.

  7. She’s pretty good. That first video reminded me of that little Japanese girl who went viral a couple years ago drumming to “Good Times, Bad Times”. If she expands her range some, she could be the next Neal Peart.

  8. P.S. Silly me, I should have tested it first. Wikipedia already contains a redirection page to the correct spelling.

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