1. That comics convention of angel and devil on the shoulders? They actually did that. And it wasn’t to persuade the person to their side. They did it just to watch the poor mortal in a dither.

  2. Nice to see this kind of levels-violation … not exactly “breaking the 4th wall” but in the same family.

    A friend whose taste I often share had me watch “Good Omens” starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, as an angel/devil pair. I didn’t enjoy it a whole lot, maybe because I wasn’t already primed as a reader of the book.

  3. Is this a CIDU because an angel that is doing this purely to cause angst and stress in someone can’t really be an angel? I’m not seeing any other reason for this to be a CIDU.

  4. I took this differently.

    Everyone eventually moves on in work sometimes slowly and gradually and outgrows the early days, but it’s common to look back and “remember when” and feel “wow, that was such a different time, where’d it go”.

    Even cartoon angels and devils experience this.

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