1. For some reason (maybe “accent” in both) I associate that song with “put the acCENT on the wrong sylLABLE” song. I thought that was just a novelty song, but since a search turned up The Andrews Sisters, maybe it was more mainstream.

    OMG, when I listened to this from the top, I realized I never before noticed the colonialist / racist back story to the catchy refrain.

  2. Mitch4, the most charitable explanation I can offer is that you were really not paying attention.

    As for Sam Cooke, he had just a beautiful voice. I love listening to him sing anything. So much beauty. Even the sad songs lift my spirits because of the way he performs them. Do not look into the details of his life and especially his death. Just don’t.

  3. Well, my own construction of an excuse would be that I almost never saw these performances nor heard the whole song, just heard people quote-singing the key bit about “You put the acCENT upon the wrong sylLABle, and siiiiing”

  4. I’m not familiar with that song by the Andrews sisters, but I can imagine the songwriters thought they were being clever. Not comfortable to listen to today perhaps, but in 70 years people may be aghast at lyrics from our own time.

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