Saturday Morning OYs – April 15th, 2023

Hit me again, dealer!


Just in case anyone here had some doubt, “Himalayan” is indeed a recognized breed of cat. My mother had a cat named Hillary, and some people thought that name was in honor of a prominent American politician; but in fact he was a Himalayan cat, and named for Sir Edmund Hillary. Here is a picture of the breed:

Not really an OY, but then tax filings aren’t due until Tuesday, April 18.


  1. My brother-in-law lives in Manatee County in Florida. I suggested years ago that in his retirement he start a local culture and arts publication called Manatee Fair. GMTA…

  2. Story of my life . . .

    Manatees are my fave animals to swim with; dolphins are like cats, but manatees are like big ol’ dogs who want their tummies skritched.

  3. As mentioned in the post, my mother had a Himalayan cat named Hillary (for Sir Edmund) — they are on the right in this photo. (Also featuring my sister, and our family calico, Candy.)

  4. @ larK – Not entirely naked, he was wearing a napkin. But since the picture really doesn’t look much like him, I think it should have been spelled “Metal-Lee”.

  5. Just to put this out there as a book recommendation about COLD places – Madhouse at the End of the Earth: The Belgica’s Journey into the Dark Antarctic Night – the risks these men took boggled my mind.

  6. Hillary was just a kitten then? I grew up with Siamese (same markings, much shorter fur), and the mask only on the nose is usually on a very young cat (they’re actually born white, and grow their markings over time).

  7. @jjmcgaffey, yes, she must have been. I remember her as much larger – in part added body size and weight, but also the big fluff they have resembling a Persian.
    (For those not into the cat fancy, a Himalayan has characteristics of both Siamese [the markings jjmcgaffey mentions] and Persian [long hair and fluffy all over, notably around the face])

  8. My sister had a Himalayan cat. She told me that the cat’s color would change depending on how hot or cold it was.

  9. Sorry, Treesong, the “hit me again, dealer” was meant to be slangish for “deal me another card (from the same deck)”, and in turn acknowledging that there was another cartoon from the same source.

    And “sorry-ass” is just an expression people use (see John McWhorter on how this “-ass” suffix is sort of a rueful intensifier), but it becomes pun-like because this animal is literally an ass (donkey).

  10. As mentioned (US) income taxes on Tuesday the 18th this year.

    Since it did not occur to me which state and holiday has given the extra day (until I watched the news tonight) I will mention – Today, the 3rd Monday in April is Patriot Day in Massachusetts. It used to be set on April 19 for the Battles of Lexington and Concord, but now is a Monday holiday.

    But this terribly ODD (for me at least) tax season still continues with two extensions one of which is due to a problem which is almost a saga and the other one is for a friend – who still owes me her paperwork for her 2020 and 2021 returns – she finally got me her 2019 info as I told her she was about to lose her refund from same! As she mailed the info to me – she set off to go on yet another cruise!

  11. I thought Tax Day was delayed by a holiday in DC, which turns out to be Compensated Emancipation Day, April 16th, observed on Monday, April 17th this year and Friday, April 15th last year.

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