Saturday Morning OYs – February 11th, 2023

Thanks to Becky for this XKCD.

The rollover text (for those who insist it’s an integral part of each XKCD cartoon) was “3D graphs that don’t contact the plane in the closure area may proceed as scheduled, but be alert for possible collisions with 2D graph lines that reach the hole and unexpectedly enter the 3D space.”

Is the therapist playing off an ambiguity to humorously chide the client for being late … again?


  1. There are plenty of disparities even without venturing into foreign territory, such as “Houston Street” in NYC, which has nothing to do with Texas, and is pronounced “House-ton”. There’s also “(Andrew) Carnegie”, whose last name is pronounced “CAR-na-GEE” almost everywhere, except in his adopted home town of Pittsburgh, where it is “car-NEG-ee”.

    P.S. @ Meryl A – I’m sure that his wife is watering him regularly and keeping him turned toward the light.

  2. Carl, you’re right that it is always a “hard” g sound — the differences Kilby is discussing are not about the g at all really, though his syllabification choices may have made it look that way. The difference, rather, is in the placement of stresses, and (going along with that) the vowel values, particularly in the middle syllable. (An unstressed syllable is easier to give a neutral vowel to.)

    To clarify that, I may rewrite Kilby’s second version as kar-NAY-gee, so it has the same treatment of the g as starting the final syllable, not closing the middle one. BTW, I’m sure I have heard that urged upon the general public as the “correct” or better pronunciation overall, not just in Pittsburgh.

    I have not recently read up on a summary history of how CMU evolved from previous separate institutions with their own independent histories of name changes. Suffice it to say both namesakes were named Andrew, so maybe that should be an informal designator for the merged institution.

  3. There are a number of place names in the US that are pronounced differently than the originals.
    Versailles – Frequently ver-sales
    Lima OH – Lie-ma
    Nevada MO – Ne-vay-da

  4. Quoting Allen Sherman:

    “H, O, R O W, I T Z spells Horowitz.
    I went with my girlfriend Peggy
    To one of his concerts at Car-neggy.

    You know that V, L, A D I M I, R that’s Vladimir,
    And he plays piano good like a good piano player should.
    Horowitz, hear hear!”

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