1. Quintessential Guindon. He was big in Mpls; they were sad to see him leave. Then he was a longtime favorite in Detroit/Michigan. Michigan humor-centric humor/references, often with carp (!?). Their smirk in this one confirms they mooned summer instead of just saying goodbye. Yes, odd humor that, but these individuals or others like them turned up as everyman in his one-panels.
    They were “up North” somewhere in Michigan’s lower peninsula, perhaps near Traverse City, in their camper parked up there. Now they come back to the big city for the winter. Familiarity with his humor screams these details.

    He appeared irregularly on the front page of a section of the Det. Free Press. You’d have to acquire a sense of his humor to appreciate his stuff, but we held fast to his quirkiness, at least I did.

    Don’t try too hard to get next to any one of his stuff; but over time they grew on you. You’re allowed to move on if it ain’t up your alley right away. I for one miss him. Your attachment to any particularly example did vary but we stuck with him. Sort of a slice of life often referencing individual landmark items, such as the giant Uniroyal tire on I-94 coming into Detroit from the airport.

    Expository remembrance ending, going deeper won’t help some of you. Thanks for indulging me.

    Taken alone, if you don’t know him, might be a hopeless path. But if you know him, you know him.

  2. Guindon was great. I have his books, keep meaning to go through them and scan a bunch for CIDU. Maybe one day.

    One of his best has the old lady telling her husband, “The only other person doing 55 on the freeway looked like he had drugs in his car.”

  3. I agree with SteveHL. I didn’t have any trouble understanding the comic, but the accidental connection to the Dick Van Dyke show seriously interfered with the intended humor, and the awkward form of the plural didn’t help, either (not to mention that it looked like it should rhyme with “Tetris“).

  4. They even forgot to wash up after the last meal there. Now who knows what kinds of mold will be growing in the Petris’ dishes.

  5. @ Dana K – Wow. I hope that some biology teacher reads this thread and frames your comment under a copy of the comic for the classroom wall.

    P.S. I remember reading about a science teacher who posted a whole collection of “Far Side” cartoons on the wall at the beginning of each school year, patiently waiting as the students gradually learned enough to successively understand more and more of them.

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