1. The feature claims to be “absurdist”, which this comic certainly is. Before anyone else goes to great lengths to figure out why “slow food” can or should be consumed in a bed, it is worth considering that the effort involved in the analysis should be commensurate with the effort expended to produce the comic.

    P.S. It’s all very nice for GoComics to provide publishing services for virtually anonymous artists, but a little biographical information might help to interpret the work. Judging from a secondary feature called “Aaggghhh“, Ham’s native language is Spanish, not English. The artwork is dashed out on a PC or tablet, and coloration is done with something on the order of PC-Paint.

  2. Well, I think I have run across people talking about a slow food “movement”, though surely this is not what it means. But I can see trying to characterize how different people live as fast or slow, and counting those who are still abed by mealtime as among the slow.

  3. Shouldn’t “fast food” mean no food at all? Because if you are going to start on a fast …

  4. @ MiB – In German, the word “fast” meass “almost”, or “nearly”, so that “fast food” really isfast” food.

  5. P.S. This dratted wordpress bug with the miniature input frame makes it impossible to proofread. That was supposed to be “means”.

  6. My guess is that the slow food is so slow to be served that you need to wait for it in bed, not at a table. And since you’re in bed already, they serve it there, like they did for the middle couple.

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