Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween — a good excuse to post some monster-themed cartoons. Here’s a couple that might fit into a Halloween-themed library.

This man isn’t worried that he’s out of candy, because he’s planned ahead.

If there is something left, it might not be the good stuff.

Andréa sent in this ThatABaby, and reminded me of an earlier CIDU discussion of Candy Corn: https://cidu.info/2020/09/07/ot-candy-corn/#comments

One measure of how influential Peanuts was is how familiar the Great Pumpkin is to us all.

First mention of the Great Pumpkin, October 26, 1959. You can follow this arc at https://www.gocomics.com/peanuts/1959/10/26

Some veggie substitutes work out well. Others …

So, Monty Python’s science was right!

If you’re partying tonight, party responsibly!

Andréa sends in this synchronicity. Cartoonists are always looking for a new angle, but sometimes push it too far.

Finally, like that house at the end of the night that gives out multiple candy bars so they won’t eat them all themselves, there’s this bonanza from John Atkinson — some cartoonists would have spread these out one at a time, and gotten a whole month out of this idea.


  1. Posting on behalf of Kilby, who apparently didn’t notice that there is a Halloween post for today, Oct 31:)

    P.s. Remember the old nerd joke that Oct 31 == Dec 25, so Halloween must be the same as Christmas. (Where those are taken as abbreviation Octal and Decimal.)

  2. Atkinson has been known to split his work into more disgestible pieces, such as the “Literary School of Fish“, which had at least two (if not three) separate iterations. He’s also done ghosts before:

    P.S. @ Mitch – Actually, I put that comic in the “CIDU Memorial” post on purpose, because I felt it belonged there more than here. If you follow the link, there’s another Halloween themed comic that I put only there.

  3. It’s fine that a comic appears twice. There were at the time I looked no comments yet in the present thread, so I wanted to give it a kick start.

  4. Very nicely collected and organized holiday post!

    I’m having trouble viewing what seems to be a video from YouTube. (The one after the Macanudo.) Anybody else?

  5. @ deety – I didn’t have any problems with the “Burn the Witch!” clip (from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail“).

  6. @ Mitch – A recent article in Smithsonian Magazine explained that the original raw material for Halloween carvings were turnips, and that pumpkins came much later.

  7. The vampire’s date is wearing the silliest-looking cone bra I can imagine. She’s also wearing a bunch of holy symbols around her neck. Is that supposed to imply something? Is she being responsible somehow by making him wait for her to remove them before he bites?

  8. Like a lot of holidays, those pumpkins are cute and all, but what’s the long-term plan? Lio experiences that:

  9. I actually submitted the Death Visits Margaret comic too. But I used the email and not the new form. Is the form mandatory now?

  10. @Mark M – No, the form is definitely not mandatory!

    I don’t know which comic you mean by “Death Visits Margaret”. Is it one in the post or in the comments? In any case, we’re happy to retroactively share the credit. Sorry we didn’t respond to your email.

  11. Mitch – I meant the one in the first comment. But it’s not a problem! Not looking for credit. I just wanted to make sure I was clear on the “rules”. Thanks.

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