1. I think the Food Chain one may be escalating too swiftly. The steps are not different enough in size for the predator to consume the “prey” [and these aren’t really prey animals] whole, or whole enough that their subordinate stomach contents are still, Jonah-like, surviving inside. Still, writing that off to Cartoon Zoology, it’s nice to see that the initial cat and girl are still talking or thinking, and sending up hearts.

  2. Comic 2 is nostalgia looking back on the old days when all we had to worry about was an metaphorical alligator eating us.

  3. There once was an alligator who swallowed Cat and Girl
    I don’t know why she swallowed Cat and Girl
    Maybe she’ll die.

    There once was a lion who swallowed an alligator
    He swallowed the alligator to get Cat and Girl
    I don’t know why he wanted Cat and Girl
    Maybe he’ll die.

    And so on.

  4. Clearly it’s a commentary on the inefficiency of city services. If that bus had been on schedule, they wouldn’t have been eaten by the alligator in the first place!

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