1. Snaps and zippers make a lot of noise in the dryer, especially the large ones.

    I thought of other less savory interpretations, but I think that’s the intended one.

  2. It’s going to rattle something awful. Might mix well with some music (punk), but less awesomely with others (Easy Listening, jazz).

  3. But . . . he’s wearing headphones, so why should HE care (and how can he hear her warning, anyway?)?

  4. For me, the problems come in with the drawing. Something about her posture – or the angle of her hand by her face – seems like a cringe, or maybe simpering or flirting as has been suggested.
    But that doesn’t jibe with the crisp “Brace yourself”.

  5. Can those sparks cause the earphones to pop? That was my first thought, but I don’t use earphones, so I don’t know.

  6. If the headphones are wireless, then they’d be very susceptible to electrostatic interference. Wired ones can suffer from EMI too, but wireless even more so. So, if tossing snaps and zippers into the dryer creates static, Mr. Headphones might not get to enjoy his audio programming in peace and comfort.

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