Sunday Funnies – LOLs, October 16th, 2022

This may be a case of two overfamiliar clichés combining to give a cynical chuckle.

A couple for those of you counting steps. These were also a synchronicity.

A new twist!


  1. @Z Thanks for the “tip”. Made me notice the running figure, as in “Get the Hell out of here”.

  2. I was wondering about the excessive precision in that date, but it looks like the author really did his homework: “A 2013 study published in Science estimated the age of the impact as 66,043,000 ± 11,000 years ago“. The number he used is well within even those unusually narrow error bounds.

  3. In the Rubes, I’m sure the joke is that only a child would put a tooth under a pillow. When I first saw it, though, I wondered why she was saying the pillow was juvenile.

    And thanks, zbicyclist, for calling the tip jar to my attention.

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