1. Flipper was filmed in Miami, while I was growing up there. I didn’t watch it much, but then my high school pal Fred had a supporting spot on one episode, and another later on.

  2. The stage magician was preparing to make a dove appear in the closed empty cage. To demonstrate he was not concealing anything up his sleeves, he in turn fluffed each one out and slid it up his arm, saying “Nothing up here! Nothing up here!”. And sure enough, nothing appeared! 🙂

  3. I long ago watched the Topper TV show, and was confused no end about the visibility conditions of the ghosts. Mostly, only Cosmo (Topper) could see them; but once in a while they could let other living people see them too. If they wanted to disappear from Topper as well, they would “dematerialize” — but could maybe still see and hear what was going on? Then to return they would “materialize”, and if Topper wanted them he would say that to the empty room: “Materialize, I need to talk with you”. So at the time I thought it just meant go invisible from Topper as well as everybody else, but later understood it meant stop being physical matter. I don’t think they ever did this joke, a notice to appear, though.

  4. P.S. I still have a little trouble parsing the first one. I think it would have read better if she had used the contraction “I’m…” instead of saying “”I am…“”

  5. Grawlix, that would be good!

    In this one, what actually bothers me most is seeing “Woah” instead of “Whoa”. Which is super pointless since it’s like an interjection and barely standardized.

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