1. (First!)

    The gangsters really do want to execute him, but for unknown reasons can only think of doing it by CGI drowning??

  2. Execution by drowning (with feet in concrete) is long-running gangster Tradition. But perhaps there are no good cliffs and bodies of water handy, so these gangsters have to make do with resources on hand. (But how many gangsters happen to have green screens on hand? I dunno; never considered the problem.)

  3. Of course, we all know that green-screen water is never going to drown anyone, but if they can do an excellent job on the CGI animation, then it might look as if he were drowning. On the other hand, his dry hair will totally spoil the effect. Perhaps we are simply supposed to laugh at the stupidity of the gangsters?

    P.S. @ Shrug – It’s not so much a “tradition” as a popular meme, and documented cases are extremely rare.

  4. It’s been said that perception is reality. Now that “literally” is interchangeable with “figuratively”, and “actually” is a mere intensifier, the line between reality and “virtual reality” is becoming increasingly blurred. If the victim believes he is on a cliff edge above the Hudson he might give the gangsters whatever it is that they want.

  5. I read this differently. They’ve been ordered to kill him, but are faking the death in a convincing enough manner to convince their boss. (The concrete overshoes have to be fake, too, for this interpretation.)

  6. Sounds good to me that they are just faking the death – though they should be telling him to make sure he never comes around “here” again.

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