1. Questions:

    What org chart are they using now?

    What kind of prosthesis is that, and why is it drawn as just a silhouette?

    Does the 2006 date on the truck mean anything?

  2. I think they’re meant to be geese who will fly south in quarter 4 in the V formation.

  3. What org chart are they using now?

    Good question, Powers. From the seating and their attention pattern, it looks like they are already in a Flying Vee. But perhaps it is shallower and wider, with all six subordinates reporting directly to the chief.

  4. The prosthesis is presumably for the guy’s upper palate, explaining why his pronunciation skill has deteriorated, or something like that. No idea why it’s in shadow, but then I wouldn’t recognize it any more were it not, anyway.

  5. And saying it goes into effect in Q4 seems to me a well-selected detail : They will be flying south for the winter.

    OTOH the 2006 date on the truck seems not to carry any special significance. Just there for the same reason businesses in reality mention their founding dates, to say “we are not fly by night”.
    But why such a large truck? Is that just an inexplicable but irrelevant detail ; or is it part of the joke?

  6. Carl Fink: The single word? No. The entire play? Don’t know; I never tried. Let’s see:

    Exeunt. Flourish. Scone at crown’d us see to invite we Whom one, each to and, once at all to thanks So place. . .

    Yeah, I think I’d have a lot of trouble doing that.

  7. Oh, those are geese? I took them for ducks. They don’t resemble any geese I’ve ever seen.

  8. Mark M. Agree they look more like ducks. Maybe that’s why it’s a “new” org chart? They;re going to emulate their goose cousins? Beats me.

  9. I took the prosthesis thief one as enough of a tongue twister that the victim just starts yelling “thief!” which would make more sense to start with anyway (since bystanders will react more quickly to the shorter message and what was stolen does not seem that relevant).

    Don’t ducks also migrate in V formations?

  10. Second one made me laugh harder than it should have, because yesterday I wound up at an Urgent Care for what I thought was strep (no, it’s not COVID, and not strep, at least not by rapid test; probably viral). The facility checkin process used a reasonably decent tablet-based app, which asked, among other things, whether I was circumcised. I was reminded of the scene in Miss Congeniality when Michael Caine hands Sandra Bullock some hemorrhoid cream and she says, “You really think the judges are going to be looking that closely?” Definitely made the experience more enjoyable, at least for someone with my sense of humor!

  11. @Carl Fink: Worse, I didn’t notice the “MACBETH” backwards, but got the joke anyway–eventually.

  12. It makes me worry that they thought there was a market niche to promote precision circumcision. Had there been a lot of customer dissatisfaction with sloppy work?

  13. It’s a mom-n-pop operation. That’s Beth manning the counter in this scene. Her husband Mac is in the back operating the mangle.

    One thing I always hope for from Dry Cleaners cartoons is the “Plant on Premises” sign, in the window next to a small potted plant.

  14. @Carl Fink Yes! I had to start over several times; it was like my brain was writing WEBCAM and MACADAM into the picture even though I knew they weren’t there.

  15. Every org chart I’ve seen for companies has exactly the same format, but the names in the slots change. For the ducks/geese, the org chart format is always the same, but changing which name is in which box is the “new” part of the chart, not the layout.

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