Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 10th, 2022

Oh oh oh, I’ve found it!

“Here’s an apocryphal story that I figure prominently in.”
A CIDUer received this in some email without source info, and passed it along. The artist seems to be Mike Gruhn, who posts cartoons to Instagram and here-and-there; and has his own site, called WebDonuts.  He had a feature called Caption Challenge or Caption Contest, which seems to end in 2015. A note on the WebDonuts site from 2019 indicates  that Instagram would be the place to look for his current material.

The mirror is sketched oddly and had me thinking for a second it was a cleaver! But thankfully, no!

CIDU Bill had saved this one to an unused draft dated 2019/08/17 and called “Strange Family”, as a CIDU:


  1. The Deering strip puzzles me. The wife is also a centaur, so why is his family more interesting than her own (the presumed standard)? And why is she the only person or object that’s colored?

  2. Carl: One of his family members has a horse’s head and human’s body instead of the other way around.

    I’m puzzled over the blue cow one. I can’t find a Pez duck anywhere and even if I could, what’s the joke?

  3. @Powers, I thought of that, but the art doesn’t show his body below the waist at all, it’s hidden behind the centaur in front of him. He’s just a horsebody with human arms. And that wouldn’t explain the odd choice to only color the speaker. And also, look at the weird blocky shape of Arthur’s head.

  4. I think the Pez duck’s head is constituted by the side wall of the white house in the bottom row, with a mostly green roof but on the side a small light-orange trapezoid roof (the bill) and two dormer windows above it (the eyes). The humor is in the caption drawing attention to this minor detail (which is not even an intended hidden feature, just something the cartoonist found), while not taking any notice of the giant blue cow in the room. Oh wait, the blue cow is mentioned — but as an accepted part of the backstory, not a surprise.

  5. I guess that only coloring the speaker is just a try at another visual way of identifying the speaker. Though the pointing speech bubble probably would have been enough! Or perhaps to make it unmistakable that she too is a half-horse, and not just her companion, Arthur, and his family … but then the family’s hybrid bodies would not be what makes the reunion “interesting” to her, would it? I don’t understand!

  6. The blue cow is glaringly obvious, and the duck really is convincing, once you squint a little and figure out the “straight ahead” perspective, but has anyone else noticed the gigantic gray mouse on the mountain on the left, directly opposite the cow? It might be subliminal suggestion, but the face (including one round ear) seems too well developed for “random chance”. The rest of the “body” seems to indicate a figure sitting, facing directly toward the viewer (like the duck), but with an improbable lean to the left.

    P.S. @ Pete – Thanks for finding that, I was still working backward through the CIDU “Deering” tag, and still had a year’s worth of posts before I would have reached the right one.

  7. In case there are readers who aren’t familiar with it, the idea of making a public signal by means of white smoke versus black smoke also comes up in connection with voting for a new Pope.

  8. Is the blue cow one a pre-existing painting that the cartoonist has written over? It’s like Steve Melcher’s “That Is Priceless” except that Melcher doesn’t write directly on the paintings.

    I’ve been in support groups where it’s all complaining and no fixing. Well, they weren’t formal support groups, and we didn’t call them support groups. Just my aunt complaining about the weather and my uncle complaining about the liberals and my grandmother complaining about what the doctor did or didn’t do and me wishing I were somewhere else.

  9. Mark in Boston asks: Is the blue cow one a pre-existing painting that the cartoonist has written over? It’s like Steve Melcher’s “That Is Priceless” except that Melcher doesn’t write directly on the paintings.

    I assume so. Teresa’s strongest art is as a collagist, but that can include writing and scribbling over an existing image as well as pasting. I have given up on looking for information at her blog. So, without actually knowing anything about the base level image, I figure the giant blue cow was entirely pasted from elsewhere; the extra figures and wild lines barely discernible in the mountains were her freehand doing; and the duck face was entirely untouched from the original, with her contribution being to point it out.

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