1. Bizarro’s #1332 by the date? ‘Tis the artist’s number of “secret symbols” included; usually two, or five, or seven or so, but this is April 1. Some like to find these things. I’m old school, a fan before such tomfoolery.

    Piraro has happily retired to Mexico and does Sundays only; Wayno has taken over. P has written a graphic novel, which I’ve been meaning to catch up with.

    Febuary is my favorite of those months, but poinsettia’s are talked about in December. Everyone says “pointsetta.”

  2. Powers, I caught that too and loved it. I’m wondering if there’s another joke in the calendar on the wall with nothing but the number “5” on it. Because flies only live one day?

  3. I believe the calendar with the number 5 correctly identifies the secret symbol count.

    And how about celebrating Who-ly by cosplaying Pete Townshend or Roger Daltrey? Maybe destroying a guitar or blowing up a hotel toilet every day?

  4. Yet another side-joke in the Bizarro panel is the logo on the foam take-out container at the bottom left.

  5. “Febuary” and the accompanying picture made me LOL. While simultaneously cringing because people really say stuff like that.

  6. Is a “pointsetta” what you would get if you were a breeder of hunting dogs and you bred a pointer with a setter?

  7. @ MiB – A very similar joke was used in an old Warner Bros. cartoon, but I cannot find a link to it. The image was of a dog sitting on a tree stump, pointing with a paw to one side. The narrarator couldn’t decide whether it was a “setter pointing” or a “pointer setting“, and finally gave up, switched the image, and declared “Here’s a poinsettia!“.

  8. I’ve seen “Pointers” and “Setters” used as rest room signs in a country-themed restaurant.

  9. Meryl asks: October + November?

    They are indeed missing from the main layout (and the jokes). But I take it the intent was that they were already covered in the introductory remarks, Dear Tiny, I know about “Inktober” and “Movember”, but are there any other challenge months. — The Weekday (I wonder if that signature is playing off the name of the performer known as “the Weeknd”.)

  10. “Thirty days hath Septober,
    April, June, and no wonder;
    All the rest have peanut butter —
    Except my grandmother
    (She has a little red tricycle).

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