Sunday Funnies – LOLs, March 6th, 2022

A link-only reference to this Medusa Far Side:

That’s quite a surprise!

“Thought I was being ghosted.”

A slightly Ewww-flavored LOL:

This might take a moment as a Quickie-CIDU before resolving as a LOL:

Bliss has been running an excellent series with the dog and/or cat in anthropomorphized domestic settings. Here is a good example:


  1. All very good comics (times change: I’d say that the “Far Side” was the weakest of the lot). It was also a novelty to see a silent squirrel.

    P.S. The “Ursae Major & Minor” comic was just re-run on Friday (Leigh Rubin must be on vacation), but I thought I remembered discussing it here recently. If so, it must have been re-posted in a comment, because the original CIDU appearance was back in 2019. Hunting that down happened to reveal that today’s “Andertoons” was also a repeat (from the same year).

    P.P.S. Just in case the moderators misunderstand the P.S. as a gripe, it is (emphatically) not: I always enjoy seeing a good cartoon a second (or even a third) time, and besides, it’s a nice tribute to Bill, who always had a hard time remembering what he had already posted. Given the random nature of submissions, constructing and maintaining a searchable database would be prohibitively difficult.

  2. The “Far Side” was just okay. Which makes it feel a bit odd that it gets the special treatment of getting hidden behind a link, and popping into a new tab. I can’t say that CIDU necessarily ought to accept the risk of incurring The Wrath of Larson; but if it’s felt to be too risky (or disrespectful, or something) to just scrape a screenshot, then maybe forgo most “Far Side”. Regrettably ….

  3. P^4.S. – I second Danny Boy’s suggestion.

    P^5.S. Curiously enough, it turns out that Leigh Rubin is not on vacation: Friday’s “Rubes” was the only rerun since Jan. 30th, and those two were the only re-runs since the beginning of the year, which seems rather odd.

  4. It is said that when Bowdler produced his “Family Shakespeare”, an edition of the Bard’s works with all of the improper words and situations removed, he made a change to Othello, altering the line “Thy mistress hath played the strumpet in my bed” to “Thy mistress hath played the trumpet in my bed.”

    Othello murdered Desdemona for playing the trumpet in bed, so this Sousaphone player had better watch out.

  5. Thanks, MiB. That was a lot funnier than most Far Sides.

    As for the Rubes, it was an LOL when I saw it Friday, and again today.

  6. Evoking the spirit of Bill, I don’t think I get the cat one (the Kliban). I know that Kliban has a penchant for drawing cats, and this is probably one of them looking at the markings of the tail, but I’m not sure what the joke is. Is it just the overall absurdity of the situation, or is there something more?

  7. @ Stan – It would appear that the cat was chasing a mouse at high speed and managed to squeeze through the hole (cartoon physics). When don’t know whether the hunt was successful, but right now the cat is thinking “Now what?“, and has a real problem.

    P.S. The comic reminds me of an identical reaction at the end of a post-credits scene in “Finding Nemo“, in which the rest of the dentist’s fish manage to “successfully” stage the original escape plan. After the last of them rolls her little plastic bag over the edge into the open water, they were all left floating there (another example of cartoon physics), and are powerless to do anything else.

    P.P.S. They were eventually rescued, but not until the end of “Finding Dory“, thirteen years later.

  8. Yes, it also looks that way to me: the aftermath of a high-speed chase, which propelled the main body of the cat thru the mouse hole.

  9. “Cats don’t have bones”
    This is a false statement, of course, but the evidence supports the hypothesis on occasion.

  10. Voodoo Chicken
    MARCH 7, 2022 AT 9:07 AM
    “Cats don’t have bones”
    This is a false statement, of course, but the evidence supports the hypothesis on occasion.

    Cats don’t have collar bones attached to other bones like most mammals, allowing them to squeeze through anywhere they can get their head through.

    Cats do have clavicles (collar bones) but unlike humans, they are not attached to other bones. The outside of a bone, the cortex, is composed of minerals and protein and gives the bone its rigidity. Inside the bone is the marrow cavity that produces red blood cells.

  11. Charles Schulz invented(*) the boneless cat long before Kliban did:

    P.S. It was more of an accident than an invention. Schulz later wrote that after Frieda had already announced (in the strip) that she was going to get a cat, Schulz then discovered that he could not draw cats(**). Frieda’s cat made a number of appearances, but gradually disappeared.

    P.P.S. (**) For example, there was a violent cat living in the house next door to Snoopy’s doghouse, but all the reader saw were the claw marks, never the cat.

  12. The Kliban panel is all about incongruity. Nothing too deep.

    Referring to boneless cats, it’s amazing how passively-aggressively limp they can get when they don’t want to be picked up.

  13. @Mark in Boston –

    “Thy mistress hath played the trumpet in my bed.”

    Not the pink oboe then?

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