1. The Rubes reminds me of “Ghost Wanted,” a Chuck Jones-animated Warner Brothers cartoon where a little boy ghost (not Casper) was invisible and wore his ectoplasm as a onesie with a drop seat in the back.

  2. I didn’t see it as a ghost, I saw it as The Invisible Man at first, washing his bandaging… though of course it looks more like a ghostface in there, so no doubt my initial impression was wrong.

  3. I saw Bill’s comment before seeing the comment, so I was prepped for ghost rather than invisible man. I did chuckle, but only because of the dog’s expression.

  4. Now I have no clear recollection of what I could have been watching on TV where two somewhat unlikely characters in a waiting room or hospital corridor make conversation about Sisyphus and the Camus take on the myth.

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