1. I don’t understand Arlo and Janis.

    And other than they are both about watching Ball Games on the couch I don’t see what the synchronicity is.

    Oh… wait. Is the joke about Arlo and Janis that making Arlo happy for Fathers day is just a matter of letting him watch sports and buying him a hammer; That it’s an easy holiday compared to other holidays? Not that she’s manipulating him into anything.

  2. I had to just listen to his singing; the ‘miming’ was too much, but maybe that’s just him being French . . . you know, like Marcel Marceau – https://www.google.com/search?q=french+mime&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b
    “It was in France, though, where mime flourished. It became so popular that mime schools were established throughout France, and a great tradition of French mimes soon followed. … One of the most famous French mimes was Marcel Marceau.”

  3. He was a bit too loud (another of his trademarks) to be considered a mime.
    His untimely demise (shocked in his bathtub while fiddling with the lamp) in 1978 was a matter of national mourning.
    You may want to check his song “Alexandrie”, one of his eternal hits (in France); I’m not posting a link because the female dancers (named “Claudettes”) might be too scantily clad for the current American public (it was the 70’s after all).

  4. I just saw something, not sure where, but it said:
    Mother’s Day ads: diamond necklaces.
    Father’s Day ads: $40 cargo pants.

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