1. It’s in the last panel. Either Caulfield’s dad is a genius, or Caulfield’s making fun of Frazz.

    Frazz does triathlons, a way of spending the day miserable. But at the end of the day, you get a cool t-shirt and a finisher’s medal.

  2. I figured that Caulfield gave his father a gift for Father’s Day. ‘Twas all Caulfield’s idea.

  3. Dad is genius (psychologist type genius): Got Caulfield to do something unpleasant for the reward of a t-shirt and a finisher’s medal.
    Making fun of Frazz: He participates in sports that many (like me) see as unpleasant, and gets a t-shirt and a finisher’s medal.
    More evidence of making fun of Frazz: Months in advance Caulfield wasted a day on the computer trying and was finally able to sign up for the garage cleaning, like Frazz has done to sign up for things like an Ironman Triathlon.

  4. I think James Pollock is right. Caulfield didn’t clean out any garage; he just made the story up from the graphic on his T-shirt, and also made himself a tin winner’s medal, and made up the story that he sat by a computer all day waiting to sign up for something. He’s just winding Frazz up for his hard-to-enter self-imposed torture that gains minimal material reward.

    Having said that, the panel interpreted that way does involve Caulfield preparing his elaborate zingers (like his medal) in advance and then relying on Frazz to offer the right questions and responses. OK, probably every week he asks the kid what he did at the weekend but it might not have been “do anything fun?” and possibly Frazz might consider clearing out a garage interesting, or rewarding in some way: most people’s garages, if not used purely to store a car, are a treasure trove of old knicknacks, historic toys, photos, letters, books and other clobber that is not out-and-out junk.

    But perhaps every Monday Caulfield comes in with the T-shirt and medal just waiting for the right tee-up to whack in his joke, and this is the first time he has been able to execute his plan.

  5. Methinks this comic is making fun of the extremely boring things we do in life and possibly comparing father’s day to that? Just a guess. Not everyone finds parenting interesting so maybs the writer of this particular comic was trying to convey that.

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