Smells like Teen Senior Spirit

Is it just the contradiction between using shampoo and being bald-adjacent?

But that would mean accepting Ed’s [maroon pullover] explanation at face value, which Green Cardigan clearly does not.

P.S. If your phone or tablet is not showing the title with a strikeout, it is supposed to have “Teen” in strikethru. By using HTML5 tag “del” .

Smells like Teen Senior Spirit


  1. The formatting worked for me, but instead of depending on everyone having an HTML5-capable browser, you can always try the old fashioned “<strike>strikeout</strike>” tags. On the other hand, there’s no guarantee that they will work everywhere, either.

  2. The joke is that no man would ever buy fruit-smelling shampoo for himself. Got nothing to do with baldness.

  3. As a fellow victim of male pattern baldness, I can attest that shampoo is still necessary for the remaining fringe. BTW, if the family resemblance (see noses) is not sufficiently apparent, “Green Cardigan” is Ed’s father and Dustin’s grandfather.

  4. I get my shampoo at the dollar store. What amazes me most is the vast number of shampoos with vitamins. We don’t swallow the stuff!!!

  5. What do people this concerned about their Man Cards do for shampoo anyway? If you rule out fruit-flavored shampoos and floral ones too (which are obviously also girly) there’s… not much left.

  6. There’s a shampoo (called “Alpecin“) that (at least in Germany) is aggressively marketed as being “for men”. The primary ingredient mentioned in their ads is caffeine (perhaps that’s supposed to keep your follicles “awake”), but the product description also lists niacin (vitamin B3) and castor oil (perhaps to keep those follicles “regular”?).

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