1. Yes, Georgia O’Keefe paintings look like vaginas, but that’s only sexy to people. To bees, flowers are food. So it’s the equivalent of finding a copy of a recipe magazine or a cookbook.

  2. I’m pretty sure the Wayno is a repeat. I seem to remember a fairly long thread about Georgia O’Keefe and whether or not she intended her flowers to be more than flowers.

  3. Also the bears are quite cute but I wasn’t sure if there was meant to be more of a joke than that their tee shirts have the constellations of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (big and little bear).
    What are their expressions about?

    Actually, I did have a couple astronomy questions, or anyway about constellations and star names.

    1) What we see on their shirts are the configurations we have come to call the Big and Little Dipper. Are there more to the onstellations when taken as the Bears rather than the Dippers?

    2) Does Polaris have another name, maybe in the style of constellation plus Greek letter? Is it in fact considered part of Ursa Minor.

  4. 1) The stars that mark the traditional Ursa Major include 12 stars that aren’t in the Big Dipper, but the Little Dipper is basically just another name for Ursa Minor.

    2) Polaris is alpha Ursae Minoris.

  5. 1) Ursa Major is much more than just the Big Dipper, which is an asterism (as opposed to a constellation). Ursa Minor has only the seven visible stars of the Little Dipper. (However, to astronomers, Ursa Minor includes an entire region of the sky and all of the stars in that region — even those invisible to the naked eye. The Little Dipper, then, is also an asterism and consists only of those seven stars.)

    2) Yes, Polaris is also known as “Alpha Ursae Minoris” but I doubt many people call it that.

  6. Mwahaha…I win by 3 minutes. (I would have won by more, if I’d not stopped and deleted the digression about the difference between constellations and asterisms as too pedantic. >_>)

  7. Kamino Neko, you are the winner in my book. That astronomical hair splitting is too pedantic by half.

  8. “Yes, Georgia O’Keefe paintings look like vaginas, but that’s only sexy to people. To bees, flowers are food. So it’s the equivalent of finding a copy of a recipe magazine or a cookbook.”

    But to flowers, bees are sex aids; not sure how that fits into the calculus, though — maybe bees know they are doing something sexual for the flowers, and it turns them on? Maybe flowers are more than just food, just like sex is for more than just procreation?

  9. After all the complaints I’ve made about “Yes, that *is* all there is” I’m finding myself confused about the ones with the bears. So the Big Bear and the Little Bear are wearing t-shirts with the constellations named for them pictured on the shirts…. So? What’s the actual joke?


    “I didn’t quite see how Arlo’s remark or request was supposed to even initially go over plausibly. ”

    Tone rather than meaning:

    Janice: *requests to keep a light on but feeling slightly guilty, puts a gentle request with the willingness to remove the suggestion from the table if it’s an annoyance to Arlo*

    Arlo: *groggy. Acknowledges he’d like to sleep but suggests its okay and puts it in a form that sounds a compromise*

    Janice: *grateful for the apparent compromise as she was feeling a wee bit guilty about the request*

    Beat: Janice actually thinks about the *words* and meanings of what was expressed…..


  10. No, Arlo is joking. He is slyly suggesting that she moves her lips and whispers when she reads text. And he gets the expected response. Married people do enjoy those playful little digs.

  11. “No, Arlo is joking…. Married people do enjoy those playful little digs.”

    Yes, but it takes a moment for it to register with Janice what he said. She even *agrees* with him at first. Mitch wonders how she wouldn’t have been annoyed immediately. I think she just wasn’t really paying attention.

  12. Well, to be fair to Janis, it’s obviously late.

    And… into their 90s, this was still the sort of thing my uncle would pull on my aunt, and it would always take her a few seconds to catch on.

  13. “But to flowers, bees are sex aids; not sure how that fits into the calculus”

    If you’re going to dig too deeply, which in this case means scratching the surface, you’re going to ruin it all.

    The bees that go to flowers are all females, none of whom have any role in the reproduction acts of the species.

  14. But for the record, DemetriosX, that was at least the second time we had a Georgia O’Keefe thread.

  15. I like the way the father bee is holding a bag of chips, a red Solo cup, and the remote control all at the same time.

  16. I love the 2 bears as the constellations. I am thinking how I can get the picture into the “sky’ (aka our house window) over the bear village upstairs.

  17. @ CIDU Bill – I’d much rather read re-runs of O’Keefe’s “flower p0rn” rather than see women in “Close to Home” that look like they’ve been gargling with Drāno.

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