1. I guess it’s a switch on the “mouse hole in the wall” trope. DVandom has it. It would be funnier if there were no doors at all in firehouses, and the firefighters had to use poles to get anywhere, because it would seem like the mice would have no choice but to imitate them.

  2. But wait — are you’all saying the mice installed the pole? (Along with gnawing the hole, which we accept as the premise.)

  3. @Mitch4: Yes. Wee mouse contractors. It was SUPPOSED to be done six weeks ago, but they only showed up yesterday.

  4. Yep, the mice added the pole.

    American firefighters don’t get poles any more. Many first responders find this sad.

  5. Interesting to see that Boston was an early adopter of the fire station poles. One of the more interesting Boston fire stations is at 941 Boylston Street. The architect, Arthur H. Vinal, designed it in the Romanesque style of Trinity Church architect Henry Richardson. Go around the back and you’ll see a tower with staggered windows that indicate a spiral staircase inside. No, that’s not where the pole is; that’s where they hang the hoses up to dry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/941%E2%80%93955_Boylston_Street

  6. I know of two arts centers in the Boston area that are in former firehouses. I don’t think either of them had their original pole when they opened after renovation, but their respective organizations each installed a representation of a fire pole. One of them even has rubber boots poking through a mock ceiling hatch.

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