Not about those “bathroom bills”

From HarveyH, who asks “Is he trying to figure out which bathroom to go to? What’s the joke?”

I think yes, to start with, he is trying to choose which one to use. So I thought this was trying for a statement on some contemporary sociopolitical issues. But then it turns into weird physics? The sign on the left keeps changing, and may reflect what happens in the room on the right; which is some kind of void or wormhole? I dunno, is that what you see too?


  1. As for the first door, it’s not a sign, it’s a window. At first, the man is far away, but gets closer until he’s looking through the window. Seeing nobody, he starts to retreat.

    As for the second door, the man assumes it’s a bathroom, but instead it’s a dark demention of some kind and he gets subjected to something terrible while inside. It is likely also a window and not a sign of any kind, and the darkness is suggestive of the evil that lays beyond.

    That’s my take on it, anyway. I liked it. Nice and surreal.

  2. I think that BOTH “signs” are actually windows. It’s not a sign that there is a black void inside. You’re actually looking at the black void.

    I am assuming that, at least, he doesn’t have to pee in the last panel, because he probably lost bladder control when falling into the void…

  3. Okay I changed my mind about the last panel. Whatever the experience was behind the righthand door, it put him in a state of mind where he just curls up to a semi-fetal position. But it did NOT, as I originally thought, slice him in half and discard (or consume) the bottom so only the part from the hips up remains.

    So it’s less ghoulish, but also less explained. The awful-experience story is something we can’t really add much to. While the sliced-in-half story provided grounds for speculating on what happens when an extra-dimensional tunnel shuts down with no warning.

  4. That explains the changes in the left window – he opens the door and sees a stereotypical man silhouette in the distance. The man comes to the window/door and so changes to a bust and then an eye, then reverses the process as he goes away.

  5. I took it that the last panel showed him as a fetus because he needed to go so badly by now, but then the artist would have drawn him in a puddle. Not necessarily because anything other than a fall happened to him.

  6. Hence the advantage of bringing our little RV along even day trips out of state. 🙂

    RV is actually a Chevy 2500 van converted to an RV, called a Class B, – very “cozy” – living in space 6′ wide by less 20′ long. But when go to Lancaster, PA (our most common place to go) we had been traveling in it for day trips before the pandemic, as well as the one trip we tried to there in August for a day trips. Have our own bathroom to use, but try to avoid using it normally on day trips to avoid having to dump it – though on trip in August it kept us from having to use public toilets during Covid.

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