Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 21st, 2021

Syndicated cartoon comic panel called off the mark cartoons created by Mark Parisi Atlantic Feature Syndicate dba Mark Parisi, 16 Slayton Road, Melrose, MA 02176-4222+1 (781) 665-4442,

H/t to Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) for including this 2003 Off The Mark in last Tuesday’s Why Evolution Is True blog.

A sad-LOL in this The Far Side. (Remote-linked, not copied nor embed-linked.)


  1. @Zbicyclist, it was quite weird. This was a paid use (the one I saw on the Why Evolution is True blog had a big watermark, so I looked for the original and found it just at Parisi’s site); and you can see the permission embedded right into the image. Some sort of magic also uploaded the notice you have noticed when the image was uploaded, but as separate text, not baked into the image. Not sure how they did that, nor whether they expect the statement to be printed along with the cartoon — presumably the image-embedded permission ought to be enough. But it may serve the purpose of telling others who want to use it where they can go for permission. …. Or is he just doxxing himself? I’m kinda ready to erase it.

    Thanks for thinking this thru.

  2. I do like the joke with the packaged Orioles, and double-stuffed Orioles. The ones on the packages don’t look much like our conventional representations of the birds; but perhaps because the standard image is of adult male specimens, and these on the packages might be some other kind of oriole.

  3. Following up on the Off The Mark IP statement:

    — The Word Press media library for the site has several fields for each image, besides the image data itself. One of these is Caption.
    — The cartoon came as a JPEG, which can carry various metadata.
    — When uploaded into our library, the Caption metadata in the JPEG file was put into the Caption field of the library record for this item.
    — When I used the WP block editor to insert the image block for the item, the caption was carried along into the caption field of the image block, and hence appeared in the post.

  4. Years ago there was a shop in Boston that made and sold Whoopie Pies, a New England dessert that consists of two dome-shaped chocolate cakes the size of big cookies with a creamy filling between them. Only instead of calling them Woopie Pies they called them Baltimore Oreos.

    So that’s what I thought of when I saw the Double Stuff Oreos.

  5. Hence why we have a PO Box to use for our crafts business – an address which is not our house. People can mail to us, but do not know where we live.

    (Though had to change our address everywhere we could think of when Covid hit as they did not a good job of forwarding mail to house when did not want to out to the PO Box and then then forward passed a year and ran out.)

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