Sunday Funnies – LOLs, October 31st, 2021

This Sheldon was sent in by Andréa, who asks “Remember the [long ago] discussion of these?”. Maybe not in specifics, but the CIDU crew should be able to make short work of a simple issue like the role of uniqueness and originality in the arts!

A Far Side on the theme of “Could it get any worse?”:


  1. Powers, I think that’s the joke. As a way of opposing something, you say “Here’s how to do it: just don’t!”

  2. Grawlix, “Frog Applause” seems to be an inexplicable taste of our editors. Once in a while it gets funny, but usually (as with this one) is striking collage art and some form of text that you think you’re on the verge of decoding, but can’t really.

    I think “stridulation” is when the bug rubs its legs together, producing the famous chirping sound.

  3. I’m happy you’ve found a way to change the policy on using Far Side comics. Though the linking and clicking is of course awkward. Anyway, this airplane scene was pretty funny!

  4. ” As a way of opposing something, you say “Here’s how to do it: just don’t!”

    Reminiscent of the old joke about how to wind up with a small fortunate after publishing a poetry magazine (or somesuch): “Start out with a large fortune.”

  5. Shrug, I’ve heard that joke mostly in a musical context: How do you make a small fortune in folk music? Start with a large one.

    Makes me wonder what the original quote was, and when it first appeared. It can be applied to just about everything…

  6. @grawlix: According to a comment on the Frog Applause page…
    “It’s a katydid, and female too, if that makes any difference to the puzzle you postulated. In katydids, males usually do most of the stridulation. This giant lady katy may want to change that.

    (The curved orange thing on the end of the abdomen is an ovipositor.)”

    So it appears the guy in the suit made some comment about stridulation and katydid gender roles.

  7. @ Brian in StL – That aspect makes it appear that Kliban was thinking of (extremely) jaded New Yorkers when he drew that comic: the guy in the baseball cap doesn’t even bother to look up to his right.

  8. P.S. @ Shrug – “… wind up with a small fortune …” – That reminds me of a pre-unification anecdote:

    Q: How do you get a string quartet?

    A: Send the East Berlin Philharmonic to play in Paris.

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