1. This made me recall a posting I made long ago on the alt.fan.tom-servo usenet group (not what you think). For fun, I will post it for you. Note that the goal of almost all posts was to be silly. This also has some synchronicity with a recent strip here. Some misspellings are deliberate.

    I got “booed”

    No, not the usual, “Yer lame, ya idjit,” kind. I’m used to that.
    Somebody left me a “boo gram”. See here:


    (that Lela chyk is kind of hot, but I digress)

    Anyway, I received one of those things on my desk at work (Was it badly
    xeroxed? You better believe it!). It came with a 12oz styro cup of
    candy. There are: several Tootsie-Rolls of various flavors, “fun-sized”
    Almond Joy bars, Hershey minatures, two Tootsie-Roll Pops (both
    orange), and a box of Dots perched on top.

    This is not at all a bad assortment. However, the note clearly
    specifies that I’m supposed to pass this on to TWO (count ’em) other
    undeserving cow-orkers. First of all, I’m not sure that this sort of
    geometric progession is necessary. Secondly, the way I see it I’m -1
    batch of candy, not +1 under that system.

    So my choices are:

    Comply with the instructions. Go get candy and give it to two
    schlubs. Annoy my thrifty side (who’s been kind of woozy over the stock
    market stuff until I Just Quit Looking).
    Pass the whole thing, lock stock and Dots to somebody else, without
    eating any (more) of the goodies. This leads to the problem of getting
    booed hit again. Plus no candy.
    Be real anti-social, eat the candy, and say “screw ’em” to the rest
    of the folks.

    I wish I knew who the jerkwad was that done did this. Making my brane
    hurt with thinking and stuff. Wednesday is for picking out what Chinese
    food to order for tomorrow, and there ain’t room for other decision


    If televison’s a babysitter, the Internet is a drunk librarian who
    won’t shut up.
    — Dorothy Gambrell (http://catandgirl.com)

  2. I will note that WordPress screwed up the formatting a bit. The choices originally were an enumerated list, but WP removed the numbers and ran the paragraphs together. Also, this was posted Oct 15, 2008, hence the stock market remark, and stopping looking was the right idea, because it got worse before it got better.

  3. Right, the suppression of numbered lists is a CSS override imposed by the Theme. (For reasons I don’t recall.) That is also what turns off numbering of comments – the comments to a thread are actually an enumerated list in the HTML (and Css). There is some “supplementary CSS” we could drop in [provided principally by larK] to allow numbered lists again; but it requires another WP plan.

  4. I guess I knew that because I tried to put in a footnote once, but I didn’t remember it. Amazingly, the referenced web site is still there.

  5. Sounds like the old “chain” – but in reverse – instead of sending to the person at the top of the list you are to add to the list.

  6. Yep, “chain letters” and “pyramid schemes” were conceptual cousins; but usually dealt in very different levels of payment.

  7. The chain letters used to be a staple of usenet, due to its largely unmoderated nature. The big problem with those, especially electronic versions, is that most chumps are just smart enough to realize that you can “pass on” the message without sending any money. Just start remove the top name and put yours at the bottom.

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