Saturday Morning Oys – October 2nd, 2021

Arrgh, they just missed the chance to pun it off against serialism, the academic successor to atonal or twelve-tone music as a body of theory and compositional practice. To boot, cerealism and serialism are pronounced identically, while surrealism is distinguishable! Well OY to that, or indeed ARRRGH!

This time the squirrel does have something to say — and he’s clearly wrong.

Here’s an Oy-Ewww. Wait, do I know the actual etymology? And how’s about “steak tartare”?


  1. Love the Cerealism/Dali, Columbo/watch & pardner ones. They all make you stop and think for a second. The luggage and tartar meh.

  2. I think a lot fewer people would understand serialism without looking it up, while students in art classes see surrealism Dali.

  3. I liked the “pardner” one in that that woman couldn’t be bothered to turn more than her head towards him. Apparently the sprawled-out cat was of more interest.

  4. Tartar sauce is so called because it originally was the sauce used with steak tartare, a dish originally made from raw meat, egg, and tartar sauce. It is assumed that steak tartare is so named because of the (untrue) belief that the Tatars or Tartars puts raw meat under their horses’ saddles. The origin of the word Tartar is unknown, although its use in English is probably affected by Tartarus, which in Greek mythology was both a deity and a place in the underworld, but may have been understood as simply a reference to hell.

  5. Robert got the cerealism right away when I showed it to him – and he does not get a lot of comics.

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