Sunday Funnies – LOLs, October 3rd, 2021

under the remaining five red baidagko

The last few weeks I’ve felt that Wrong Hands has been a bit off their best form. But this one seems a good case of returning to their former standard.

So here is another Wrong Hands, sent in by Philip, who notes that as an Oy it would be tripartite. (Have we seen this one before?)

I have never sat down on a cat …. that did not immediately make the situation known! 🙂

Six of one, half-dozen of the other, sent by Phil Smith III

(Also adding in another Condron as he was unfamiliar to me.)


  1. The baby asking about fresh-squeezed milk😋. They could get it ultra fresh by participating themself in the “squeezing out.”

  2. Thanks for the Jon Carter, whom I was not familiar with.

    The key as shown has some weakness, as we can parse and remember it. In this year’s 1st quarter, we passed 72 Liters of Water thru a leet- speak Peter.

  3. Let’s comedic license that the golf ball has the dimples which help with identification. But the actual reason for them is I believe aerodynamic, which would not apply in this near-vacuum environment.

  4. lazusjohn – I think the joke is about parsing out the “fish” part of “wolfish.”
    Mitch4 – There are A LOT of things that need to be comedic licensed in that one. Golf holes aren’t generally proud, for example.

  5. The joke in the Frog Applause (which on reflection might better have been called an Oy) is that one character uses a word “wolfish” apparently to mean “wolf-like”. But the second guy picks up on the -fish part of that word. as though the first guy had asked “Are you feeling wool, Fish?” and he doesn’t want to be called Fish.

    The under the remaining five red baidagko can sort of be found in the texts printed on the guys’ clothing, specifically in the shirt of the guy on the left. But that isn’t how I picked it up, it’s just a retrospective spotting. What actually happened was that I swept my mouse over the picture and did something like a Copy operation, then noticed some text in my visible copy buffer and pasted it out. I don’t know why that isn’t working now when I went back to the comic on goComics for September 02.

  6. So, “Are you feeling wolfish” is like the old Goon Show two-liner? “Where’s the stopcock?” “I don’t know, cock.”?

  7. I was thinking more like the classic line from Airplane – “Surely you can’t be serious.” “I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”

  8. The first Off the Mark – reminds that during this past week our local newspaper (“Newsday”) had a couple of days when the comics were almost unreadable as the print was out of focus – did anyone notice this elsewhere or it is this is problem with them (which I am guessing it is).

  9. Meryl, I confess I wasn’t sufficiently on the ball about quality control for some of the images in this Sunday’s LOL collection posting. You can perhaps notice “watermarks” in some of them too.

  10. Mitch4 – that was not a complaint about the quality control – I had sort wondered if strips were out of focus in other newspapers also and sort of figured if they were I might hear same from someone.

    I have been reading our local newspaper online since the pandemic started (I normally would read the paper on the kitchen table after dinner and even now am a bit uncomfortable doing so for now, so reading online version) and for several days I had to go back and forth between the making the comics pages huge and tiny to try to get the strips into focus enough to read them. Luckily whatever they doing has been corrected.

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