Sunday Funnies – LOLs, July 11th, 2021

Getting some ZZZZs is an ongoing theme with Horace; but this seemed an amusing example!

Do they somehow have different DNA?
There’s always room for a Bizarro! This would fit with the Ewww-LOL tag.

It’s charming that the other guy also seems to be there to work on his poetry.


  1. Powers says : Shouldn’t the dude in the Andertoon be shuffling?

    I always had trouble with that line because of confusion with “slough” (or “sluff” I suppose). I mean, wouldn’t you envision a spirit or soul sluffing off the mortal coil?

  2. I just read Sundiver by David Brin, so the space whale seems very nice. Also, 40 microstarplanktonsworth would be a little easier to request.

  3. Chak, I can’t say I entirely get the Eric Scott one, but it’s mostly the waiter asking the customer about preferences in the food prep. But I think more like “Would you like some pepper ground onto that?” than “would you like that rare or medium” , i.e. an optional extra rather than a choice of basic treatment.

  4. “Chak, I can’t say I entirely get the Eric Scott one”

    Then why was it included?

    I don’t get it either. Is “flogging” something one does to vegetables? Does the cartoonist think flogging is something one does to vegetables? Or is it just absurdism– would you like some ground pepper on you salad? What you like a little hat on your pork-chop? Would you like your broccoli flogged? Would you like your suppressed memories inflicted on your potatoes?

  5. I briefly thought it was a reference to the “NObody likes broccoli” meme, but if that were the intent I don’t think the diner would have been depicted as a little old lady, since I think a broader version of the meme is “real he-men meat eaters hate sissy broccoli, which is fit only for little old ladies.”

    So, probably just absurdism.

    (I used to dislike broccoli, but as I’ve mellowed with age I’m now pretty much indifferent to it.)

  6. If one doesn’t like broccoli then what vegetable does one like? I always like broccoli as a kid. How else could I pretend to be a giant eating trees?

  7. The Bizarro has a wonderful bit of cartoon-physics consistency. (Or maybe even real-physics.) Notice how the droppings-disposal bag is floating upwards, with the lumpy contents at the top. How could that be? Oh of course, because it’s a helium-filled dog, so its droppings might well also be made of He and would be floaty!

  8. Sure, the “1 and done” is in the “absurdism” category of funny. But not in the dismissive way that is sometimes said. It doesn’t mean “random” or “arbitrary”. And Woozy’s extended set of alternate examples (meant to illustrate why this would be “just absurdism”), to the extent that it really is arbitrary, is beside the point and does not point to some failure in the comic, or in its selection as a LOL.
    ( … Interestingly, Woozy didn’t keep his examples absurdly stupid , and gave us the beginnings of a rather intriguing story – I can’t wait to hear if the diner does choose to have their repressed memories inflicted onto some potatoes! )

  9. The Eric Scott cartoon was a not as well drawn Chas. Addams cartoon. That is the only meaning.

  10. I find the most interesting aspect of the broccoli one is that the customer’s face isn’t shown. We have no idea how she is reacting to the suggestion.

  11. “… Interestingly, Woozy didn’t keep his examples absurdly stupid , and gave us the beginnings of a rather intriguing story – I can’t wait to hear if the diner does choose to have their repressed memories inflicted onto some potatoes!”

    Well, if the cartoon’s point was “just” absurdism then it wasn’t stupid absurdity. It was just…. strange… absurdism (which could arguably be argued is the point of absurdism… by which I don’t mean absurd strange but just arbitrary and pointless strange. Why torture vegetables? It’s as arbitrary and pointless as dressing farm animals as literary characters, or having a crate of apples going on a sight-seeing tour in Paris). So I was keeping in the strange absurdism. As “just absurdism” it’s not terrible or a stupid. It’d be pretty good except (in my opionion) its too arbitrary. So I was riffing on the theme.

  12. Maybe it’s a play on having meat tenderized. “How is your steak prepared? Do you tenderize it?” “We can beat it with a mallet if you like.” “That’d be good. And for desert I’d like strawberries and cream.” “Would you like the cream whipped?” “Oh, yes please.” “And your broccoli? Would you like your broccoli flogged?”

  13. Flogging broccoli reminds me of the Flip Wilson show. One of Wilson’s recurring characters was a hamburger chef. He would hit the burger a couple of times with the spatula, as chefs do, and then ask “How many times do you want it hit?”

  14. I laughed, but I can understand why Woozy is decidedly unimpressed, every one of his alternatives is funnier than the original. But I also think Raymond A. Levesque has hit on something. If this had been drawn in the style of (or better yet, by) Chas. Addams, would this discussion even be happening?

  15. “If one doesn’t like broccoli then what vegetable does one like?”

    I like peas and yellow stringbeans (only the canned ones, though, the healthy organic ones taste too healthy). Chopped iceberg lettuce in small quantites, as on tacos. Corn on the cob is O.K. Broccoli and most other veg is all right in a stir fry. Oh, and I like beets. And baked beans, if they qualify, and I love potatoes in virtually any form.

    I draw the line at asparagus and brussell sprouts and kale.

  16. He can’t be the evil twin because he does not have a pencil thin moustasche (a goatee would also be acceptable).

    A poetry-composing bar sounds nice. As long as they didn’t let people read their poetry out loud, it could be very nice. There’s a pleasant cafe not far from where I used to live called Pain Perdu. French bakery and light meals. They pointedly did not have wifi as they did not want people parking in there to play on their laptops all day like at a Starbucks. Suggested that customers could read newspapers or talk to each other. Today, with more devices being connected via cell networks, I’m sure some of that has worked its way into the place, but it’s still nice. I wonder if this 360-degree picture link will embed here.!1s0x882b347f8f9cd40f%3A0xb8ce6b5e7e6a0362!3m1!7e115!5sGoogle%20Search!15sCgIgAQ&hl=en&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNe6SdX6XoqcaYKsAFjV60zXXTylmELKFlj8D5j

  17. ” If this had been drawn in the style of (or better yet, by) Chas. Addams, would this discussion even be happening?”

    I think so. Despite Chas Addams reputation of morbidity and macabre, he was, in most respects a conventional cartoonist and his cartoons were very well defined set ups and punchlines or gags. The flogging broccoli for the absurdism is fine but he’d have a context or reason for it. Perhaps a person admiring a healthy florette and saying “Is this really organic? I can never motivate my broccoli to perform so well. What’s your secret?”


    This actually reminds me or a New Yorker cartoon that could rationally be similarly dissected and critiqued: A man is at a restaurant and the waiter places a cat on the table and says “we are out of centerpieces”…. I think it’s funny and works because…. well, now that I think about it why do I think it works?

    Another new yorker has a waiter coming to table with a large pepper grinder and asks the costumer “Freshly ground pepper on your ice cream?”

  18. Carrots are a very popular vegetable. So are tomatoes. And (though there’s a sizeable opposition group) mushrooms.

    If you think you don’t like broccoli, visit a good (American-)Chinese restaurant and get broccoli in oyster sauce. That was the tipping point for me (many years ago now).

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