1. nebulousrikulau’s got it. He’s looking around for the sexy singles he’s been told that are in his area, but he can’t see them…because they’re the fleas!!! Har, har!

    It’s not too bad, actually. I liked how the cartoonist has made the fleas sexy. I’d hang out with them.

  2. At The Far Side current site https://www.thefarside.com/ , there is a rotating set of some half-dozen old Far Sides used as large banner / display art all across the top of the page. One of these shows a dog reaching with its back paw to scratch at its flank; and at flea scale we see the fleas panicking, saying things like “The claw is back!” , “Find the children and we can run and hide!” .

    (I can’t find it “on demand”. The display comic seems to change daily, but no each time you reload.)

  3. Oh, in panels 3 and 4 he’s looking around for the sexy singles in his area? I thought he was looking around to make sure no one saw his NSFW web browsing.

  4. It could be like the Pogo fleas being attracted and in love with the dog. But otherwise a joke that the sexy singles are the fleas is not really a very good or comprehensible joke. I won’t say it’s not a joke because if I squint and look “the sexy singles are his fleas” is not a complete “Huh? So?” but it’s got a lot of “huh? So?” and I have to squint really hard to let any joke in.

  5. It seems like this would happen to humans too. They say that everything in your house is full of dust mites. Presumably they are sexy because you keep getting more and more baby dust mites.

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