1. I did my own Primeval Knievel drawing about 30 years ago – a traditional cartoon caveman balanced on a rolling traditional cartoon stone wheel. I did send some drawings off to various publications, not sure if this was one of them. (None of them were published.)

  2. Annoying biology nitpicker reaction: what organism is that supposed to be in the Wrong Hands strip? It is not an insect(wrong number of legs), land crustacean (wrong anatomy) … maybe a primitive centipede?

  3. Well since you bring them up … what kind of creature are centipedes? And btw, how do centipedes (100 by name) have more legs or whatever they are in point of fact than millipedes (1000 by name) do in fact?

  4. I wonder how many of the people who say “it’s a mute point” understand the “moot” cartoon.

  5. Thanks for thinking to look that font up! I have to agree it’s not very entertaining — a pretty basic serif face, maybe notably “bright”. It might get tiring for extended text reading.

  6. Um, there are only two lobes, so no, it is not a trilobite.

    It looks vaguely like a horseshoe crab, actually, now that my invertebrate anatomy mind is activated. If it had a telson (“tail”) instead of those two modified legs it would be a close match. That’s why I identified it as a centipede–they have long, filamentous paired appendages on the last segment, thought to be sensory.

  7. Centipedes are myriapods. It’s a sister group to the rest of the arthropods (or technically, its parent group is) so it’s equally distant from crustaceans, insects, and arachnids.

    They have more segments than millipedes because the names are not meant to be literal, but you knew that. (Neither group has a consistent number of legs in any case. Individual species can vary in leg numbers from population to population, and the number also varies between molts.

    Oh, and those “legs or whatever” are technically called “legs.”

  8. Wouldn’t “we all had to be on moot” mean “we all had to talk at once”? Even moot points still get mooted.

  9. “Um, there are only two lobes, so no, it is not a trilobite.”

    It’s a cartoon… and apparently by a guy who knows less taxonomy than you do. Premeval critter = trilobite. That’s all there is to it and all there can be to it.

  10. Carl, thanks for the additional info!

    I never had seen the term myriapods before this. As long as we’re discarding the literal numerical meanings of cent- and milli-, let’s definitely not get onto myriad sometimes meaning specifically 10,000. That would be way too many pods.

  11. Eons ago I wrote up for my own amusement a joke surrounding the pun Medieval Knievel. I was amused by the Primeval version.

  12. The primeval Knieval was a LOL for me. (Fortunately, I was able to ignore the biological inaccuracies. But then, I’m not a biologist.)

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