1. I used to see various iterations of this game in my catalogs (Christmas Trivial Pursuit, for example), but no more. Which is why I assumed it was no longer a thing. Actually, it was the only game I ever liked to play, but unfortunately, you need friends to do so.

  2. Will the nanobreweries please realize there are other styles of beer than IPA.

    And will the creators of themed trivia games and quizzes please realize there are other themes than Harry Potter.


    But, yeah, Trivial Pursuit is very popular. One of the more popular versions is the only questions about events since the release of Trivial Pursuit.

  3. “I used to see various iterations of this game in my catalogs (Christmas Trivial Pursuit, for example), but no more. Which is why I assumed it was no longer a thing. ”

    That’s because catalogs are no longer a thing.

  4. I don’t know where in the nano/micro/mini/macro/giant scale you would consider Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery, but their beers list goes well beyond IPA in variety of styles.

    I like their ads, excuuuuse mee, “sponsorship messages” on NPR — “Putting the pub back in public radio.”

  5. Trivial Pursuit always makes me think of that Seinfeld episode in which the Moops invaded Spain.

  6. I rather like IPAs and although most nanos push and seem inordinately proud of their IPAs they do have other beers (usually blondes; what the heck ever happened to ambers …. sheesh… it’s hard to find a good amber these days) but it is a meme about how people are sick of IPAs.

    But I’m serious about Harry Potter trivia. Of every themed trivia game or quiz I’ve seen this year it’s not an exaggeration to say that 11 out of 12 were Harry Potter themes.

  7. I’d say any board game qualifies as a Geezer. Sure there are enthusiasts who still enjoy them. But I will say Trivial Pursuit was one of the better of the classic board games. Unlike Monopoly, where as soon as one player gets an edge it’s pretty much over. Argh.

  8. I remember a game where a friend of mine got the question “Does current flow from positive to negative, or negative to positive?” He tried to explain that it was a matter of convention, and that different places use different conventions, but he was told he just had to pick an answer. He was annoyed when he got it “wrong.”

    MarkM: Is chess a Geezer?

  9. I went to Goose Island once, long ago, and thought it a good place.Then they sold out to Anheuser-Busch.

  10. Woozy, if you can find it, try Abita Amber, made in New Orleans. But to me a good IPA (or double IPA) is a fine drink.

  11. “MarkM: Is chess a Geezer?”

    For me it is. I got into a chess tournament in high school and that might be the last time I played it. I was more into backgammon, but even that has fallen by the wayside.

  12. I have no qualms with IPAs. I’m merely quoting the current memes and attitudes of the Internet.

    But, my god, I am heartily sick of Harry Potter themed trivia. It’s enough to make me miss the days of Star Wars trivia. I am as sick of Harry Potter Trivia as memes on the Internet are sick of IPAs.

  13. I’ve never heard anywhere that current flows anything but positive to negative, because the first person who defined current thought that something actually was going from positive to negative. Of course electrons flow from negative to positive, and “current” is either “holes” or something entirely abstract. The “right hand rule” depends on current flowing positive to negative.

  14. Right, and that’s because the abstract concepts were defined before physicists understood exactly what current was. So when you draw a standard circuit diagram, current flow is show + to -.

  15. Mark in Boston: Whether current flows from positive to negative or negative to positive depends on whether you’re using “conventional current” or “electron flow current.” Conventional current is more common, but in some fields and courses, they do use electron flow. If you take a course that uses electron flow, you will learn the “left hand rule.”

    Both conventions give the same answers to physical questions in the end. One annoyance I had when I was a physics professor was getting a test problem, taking off a point because they had a sign wrong in the first equation, taking off a point because they had a sign wrong in the second equation, looking forward and realizing that everything was reversed in a way that was consistent and ended up giving the right answer, and realizing that they had probably had a course that taught the electron flow convention (or gotten very lucky), and having to scratch out all my red marks.


  16. Oh, very nice explanatory website!

    Is the comic from XKCD, or somebody using his style, or a different project from the XKCD guy?

    The shape of those little cylindrical dry-cell batteries (the C and D annd AA and AAA …) are very much in accord with Conventional Current imagery — the bump on the end is + and you can almost see the current ready to fly out of that end,

    That’s useful to know when you’re replacing some AA or AAA in a super-sophisticated hi-tech device, or a mechanical cat toy (the most common uses), and the slots are recessed and you can’t see the shape hints, you can still look for a big “+”s omewhere.

    It’s a little harder to tell with the flat coin cells. But I am slowly getting better with those. The domed cover side is probably the + .

  17. Some months ago Robert decided he wanted to play chess – “with a real board, not a computer”. Now I know somewhere we have my dad’s portable chess set – though I am pretty sure (Robert said no) it is in our RV. I went through the metal cabinet of games and such in our basement and did manage to find my old tiny wood set (so small he could not tell the difference between pawns and knights) and pulled that out to use.

    Since we have not been in this closet in about 10 years I was looking around and noticed that we not only have an original Trivial Pursuit, but apparently bought a number of add on sets also.

    We played one game of chess – I paid no attention to the moves I made in hope he would win, but somehow he did not. (I am not a good chess player – in high school I had joined the chess team – all boys, so why wouldn’t I join – and I played “last board”. If someone did not show up and none of the other alternate players were available – they would let me play – yeah, I play that badly.) He lost the game and lost all interest in playing. ( I am not a girl/woman who was raised to let the guy win – but he is not doing well at staying in all the time and I figured if he won – it would give him a lift – after all, I have to live Mr. Grumpy all day, every day stuck in the house for now and need to cheer him up a bit.)

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