1. Having learned my lesson from 2020, I no longer wish anyone a happy New Year. Now I promise folks I will try my best to make it a happy one for others, in ways both little and large. Please try to make it a happy new year for anyone.

  2. futabakun: “Having learned my lesson from 2020. . .”

    Wait, was 2020 your fault? Curse you, futabakun!

  3. Isn’t this one of those incongruous comics that is clearly making reference to the covid problem, but they are neither wearing masks nor keeping socially distant? I was going to send this in as one of those when I saw it, but then thought that was over with so I didn’t bother.

    Good luck in 2021 folks!

  4. Stan: Yep, it is incongruous, but (as you said) the incongruous thing is over.

    Our mall still had a thing where you could get a Christmas picture “with Santa,” but it was based on photoshopping him in. I heard that another place had one where you could get your picture taken with a real live Santa, where he stayed behind plexiglass.

  5. And I just read a headline that in Belgium an old-folks home visiting Santa infected and killed 27 people…
    We’re all dying for some normalcy…

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