1. Interesting use of the word “stupid”. I would have gone with something like “strange”. Not as mean sounding.

  2. Just in case anybody was unaware of this, “rhinoplasty” is the formal or medical term in plastic surgery for what is colloquially a “nose job”.

  3. I don’t see what’s so stupid about a rhino going to rhinoplasty if he wants his horn trimmed. Although the horn is just keratin, so really all you need is a big file.

    For that matter, nobody has asked him why he is there. Maybe he wants his snout reshaped, which is exactly what a rhinoplastician does.

  4. MiB, I thought all along that the rhino may not be stupid, for exactly the sort of reasons you bring up. But the nurse & receptionist may be calling this year stupid and not so much this rhino. Like, on top of everything else, this year is confronting them with a well-dressed rhinoceros walking thru their door.

    Incidentally, I just now noticed they are wearing masks. That may also be expected of patients (even if they are coming in for nose work, they don’t unmask until seeing the doctor) but in this character’s case that would be more difficult than usual!

  5. The root “rhino-” means “nose,” and “-ceros” means horn. So “rhinoceros” means “nose horn.”

    The root “-plasty” means “act or process of forming, so “rhinoplasty” means “nose forming.”

    Maybe the rhinoceros has gone to the wrong specialist. He needs a ceroplasty clinic.

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