1. The kid was expressing her desire in crayon before going out to engage in the suggested activity. What’s to get? That she delayed her summer fun by drawing about it?

  2. I think the intent was supposed to be a contradiction, in that her drawing of the “medusa” sprinkler should appear to be a leafless tree in autumn. It would have worked better if the syndicate’s colorist had not used the same summery colors as shown on the “real” object in the final panel.

  3. It looked to me a bit as though she was designing the sprinkler device, which meant two or more people could get wetted at the same time instead of just one in possession of the naked hose. Her drawing did have the hose attached to the base, as well as the same colours, so I think it was supposed to be a pic of the sprinkler and not a leafless tree – whether she was designing it or simply depicting it.

  4. @ narmitaj – Those “medusa” sprinklers really do exist. In theory, the thin (foam plastic) hoses will wave around from the reactive force of the water jet emitted by the cheap plastic nozzle on each end, but the only ones I’ve ever seen that really did work that way have been in TV ads. In actual practice (we’ve tried two different models), most of the hoses hang fairly limp, and as soon as an inevitable leak develops anywhere in the system, the remaining water pressure is insufficient to keep anything moving at all.

  5. @Kilby I don’t think that was a tree, you can see the hose coming out the bottom. Also, the fact this contraption seems to work correlates with your past problems with existing products.

  6. She was designing the item, then made it using their 3D printer. Better living through technology.

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