1. This slider gizmo actually works better on tablet (iPad mini) and phone (Android) than it does on desktop web browser! (Haven’t checked WP Reader view)

  2. The images came from different places, and had different sized margins around the actual drawing, or width of the caption bar. So resizing to make the outer dimensions match still leaves the drawing parts not aligned right.

  3. Cool slider gizmo! And it works just fine in Mac Safari although, as jajizi said, the image sizes don’t match up. They clearly had the same base drawing, though.

    The colored one is as it appeared in GoComics today. Was the other one from their new book?

  4. I see the comments entries for this, but I don’t see it in the list of recent posts.

    On my PC, the images have the same widths, but the heights are different. So the man in the colored version is taller than the other, though equally wide.

    As for the CIDU tag: the dog is looking for a treat, but the person has only food he thinks the dog will be disappointed with.

  5. @ Arthur – Mitch4 expained in Random Comments (where he posted both images separately) that he was going to backdate this post to keep it out of the “recent” list. I have no idea why he thought that was necessary, but August 2nd seems a little extreme. My suggestion would have been to date the post for September 17th, seeing as that date never got a post of its own.

  6. Well that’s almost accurate. My concern was not with keeping it out of the recent list. Rather, it was about what someone is presented with when they come to the site from a plain URL (link or saved bookmark or “favorite”, whatever), and see a post at the top. I didn’t want this doodling around experiment to be the featured first-at-the-top post.

    My misunderstanding of what “protected by password” status would do was an unnecessary complication that still left something odd at the top of the page; that’s when I resorted to manipulation of the date.

    Kilby, I have no ideas at all why you would suggest one date over another. The date landed on was not a material consideration. I just used the flimsy calendar popup in the management UI and clicked it back a little.

  7. Also, the comment in Random Comments (which I guess could have belonged better in Site Comments) was not intentionally posting the two images separately. I was in a Post where the compare-by-slider worked, and switched to “raw html edit” view; then copied that code and pasted into a Comment, hoping it would display the slider tool in the comment. But no, the result was what you see, separate placement of the two images.

    <figure class="wp-block-jetpack-image-compare">

    <div class="juxtapose" data-mode="horizontal"><img id="13548" src="https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/bliss-tofu-color-resized.gif" alt="" width="486" height="550" class="image-compare__image-before" /><img id="13546" src="https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/bliss-tofu-bw.jpg" alt="" width="486" height="550" class="image-compare__image-after" /></div>


    P.S. Notice how the two images have the same dimensions. But unfortunately the placement of the drawing within that overall size differed and the slider comparison comes out a little wrong.

  8. @ Mitch4 – I can see why you didn’t want this “image experiment” to upstage that call for “mask inconsistencies”, but back-dating the post to August effectively inserts a “foreign” item into the sequence of posts made when CIDU Bill was this site’s sole proprietor. I suggested September 17th as a replacement because that was the day after Bill passed away, but now I think the 21st might be better.
    P.S. When nothing appeared on Sept. 17th, I feared that Bill might have gotten fed up with us all over repeated critiques against “Pardon Mt Planet”, which appears to have been one of his personal favorites. On the 18th, I began to think that WordPress might have malfunctioned again, and sent another mail to inquire about his (and the site’s) well-being. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that the true nature of his (permanent) silence became known.

  9. Well, Kilby, you’re treating it like an extremely important decision, and I don’t see it that way at all. As far as I can see, and even after your explanations, it really does not seem to matter at all.

    On a practical level, changing the date now would break some references (links) to it which have been posted — the URLs involve the date used in slash format.

    P.S. If it matters at all, the post that would have been blocked from top spot was not the later Covid Inconsistency special-purpose call for contributions, but one of the recent entirely regular CIDU or other direct comic-discussion posts.

  10. This is by no means a critical issue: I just made a suggestion, which I figured would be exceedingly easy to implement (Bill redated posts on multiple occasions). However, I’m not the Editor, and it’s not my place to decide whether to change it. If you decide not to, I’m perfectly willing to accept that.

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