1. I remember having this here a long time ago. All that’s left of Mr. Pembrose is an eyeball.

  2. I never thought that the eyeball on the couch was a mystery, I saw that part right away. The part that I do not understand is why anger would reduce someone to a single, glaring eye.

  3. In an attempt to make sense of it, when I first read it, I assumed that “Mr. Pembrose” was supposed to be a literary allusion. Then I did research and realized that I was thinking of “Mr. Samsa”.

  4. @Kilby – what Larson explained is that, who wouldn’t have a lot of anger toward the world if they were only an eye?

  5. The world was so hard on Mr. Pembrose that only one eye is left: no wonder he’s angry.

  6. I thought it was that the person was hiding in the cushions, and a better question would be why he had so much fear.

  7. There was a comic book a long time ago, around 1940, called “The Eye”. This was a disembodied eyeball that could apparently appear anywhere at any time, observe a crime in progress and bring the criminal to justice.

  8. Oh, I get it now: Mr. Pembrose is just glaring at the psychiatrist, so that’s why he says that. My bad. That really was funny. He needed an angry eyebrow though.

  9. Maybe the joke is that psychologists sometimes just make stuff up, since you can’t get much of a legitimate diagnosis out of an eye with no mouth etc…

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