1. They’re teens, so they want to drink. This is an issue for teens because in the USA the federal government extorts the states to ensure they all set their legal drinking ages at 21. So, from what I’ve been told, youngsters really like to find a place where they can sneak in and drink under age.

    I think they missed a better joke, though. Some sort of joke about having the munchies seems like it would be much funnier.

  2. As children, they were lured into the witch’s lair by immeasurable amounts of candy and cake; now that they are teenagers, mere sugar is no longer a sufficient enticement: they appear to prefer fermented (or distilled) pleasures. Of course the place does not check identification: the “witch” (or “bartender”) needs as many victims as he (or she) can get.
    P.S. The result is the same as in the original story: they are still being drawn into a dangerous dive which they might not be able to get out of on their own.

  3. Huh, really? I didn’t see drinking as part of the story here, just candy as the generalized stand-in for all temptation, and these kids still young enough that they like the stuff and find the idea of a place where it is served up as much as you want quite compelling. The place is called “Bar” so that (1) it will invoke the idea of checking IDs for age, and let the joke be that this bar is exempt; and (2) pun on “candy bar”.

  4. I agree with the the gingerbread house repurposed as a bar to lure in the now teen H&G.

  5. Inapropos comment: I think the the Pie of Opportunity and (for me) the Eyeball of Observation rather fit into their surroundings. Unusual.

  6. Because if it *were* an alcohol bar, it would have to check IDs. (Hmm, Hansel may have to be half-ignorant for this to work: he hasn’t put together why there is no ID check here, so it may not be the special situation he anticipates)

  7. The goal of the witch is not to run a legal business, it’s to lure in kids. For the younger ones, the candy and such are effective. For the older teens, it’s the promise of illicit booze, so it’s a “bar” that doesn’t check ID.

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