1. Guy is there to identify the guy who assaulted him and beat him. He’s viewing the lineup. In the lineup is a cop (who is the one who beat him) who took the opportunity of being in the lineup with criminals to assault and murder them because police. Even though they both saw him commit these crimes, the hatted-cop denies that the other cop did the crimes because they all stick together and lie for one another.

  2. I thought the others were all gathered from the same riot, so not (necessarily) victims of candidate #3.
    P.S. @ L.F. – While it could be regarded as being “too soon” for this year, this was originally published in September of last year:

    P.P.S. Current events make it exceedingly difficult to remember whether this joke was timely and/or appropriate back when it was released.

  3. Rodney King was in 1991. “Killing in the Name” was released in 1992. My parents were hit by cops for being peaceful protesters in the Sixties. The Mafia got a foothold in the United States in the 1870s because immigrant communities were afraid of the police and turned to organized crime to protect them from the police. When the Constitution was written in 1789, they included the Bill of Rights to try to rein in violent law enforcement.

    It’s never NOT been timely and relevant.

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