1. Wow! Haven’t seen a Henry in many years! And it even has (sort of) a joke.
    The RWO looks like it could arise from trying to think of solutions to the real-life problem of sizing a ring for an absent partner.
    The Wayno was charming. He wasn’t just prepping to take on Bizarro.

  2. When I first saw it, I thought it was really refreshing to see a Bizarro panel that didn’t have any of those annoying special symbols. Oops.

  3. Okay, so the cat caused a ruckus trying to catch the mouse. But what’s the punchline mean? And why is the dog in there?

  4. @ Powers – I think the “Henry” strip seen here(*) was seriously abridged from the original version as Trachte drew it, removing at least two panels (and the title card). Unfortunately, since the archive is no longer available(†), we will never be able to be sure. The end result does not make a lot of sense.
    P.S. (*) – It would be interesting to find out which comic was on the other side of the newspaper page, a tantalizing amount of “bleed through” is visible in the scan.
    P.P.S. (†) – The last new strips were produced in 2005, and King Features discontinued the re-runs in 2018.

  5. And what is she fussing over, anyway? The cat did catch the mouse, and is seen removing it from the premises.

  6. If there were panels missing from Henry, it might have had one with the dog jumping in after the cat (between panels 3 and 4). Henry is seen taking the dog out in the last panel. So the mouse/cat/dog fracas messed up the house.

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